You did this!

I’m sure almost all of us share the First Minister’s sentiments regarding Scotland’s NHS. I suspect that, even among Tories who believe with all the conviction of a religious fundamentalist that privatisation is the answer to everything, there are grave doubts about putting our health service into the hands of heartlessly grasping US corporations.

It is surely safe to assume that, among those horrified by the prospect of American-style privatised healthcare, there are many who voted No in the 2014 independence referendum and many who voted Leave in the 2016 EU referendum. They will no doubt protest that there was no way they could have foreseen this threat to NHS Scotland when they voted as they did. They will seek comfort in that lie.

The truth is that on both occasions ample warnings were given about the risks involved in, firstly, remaining part of the British state and, subsequently, allowing Scotland to be caught up in the rampant British Nationalist fervour which drove the insanity of Brexit.

You were told! You chose to disregard the warnings. At least now take responsibility for your actions and seek to make amends.

Those who were duped into voting No and deceived into voting Leave should be among the loudest voices demanding that the Union be dissolved so that Scotland’s public health service can be saved. They should be among the most alarmed at the consequences of their actions. They should be eager to try and put right the harm that they have helped to cause.

Instead, many will convince themselves that there was no way of knowing how disastrous a No vote would be for Scotland. They will persuade themselves that it wasn’t possible to make a connection between a vote to Leave the EU and a situation in which the British political elite would so desperate for anything that could be spun as a good trade deal they’d offer up Scotland’s public services to the vultures and hyenas of corporate America.

In the Yes movement, we will be urged to allow them their self-serving delusion. We will be told that we must not berate No voters for having voted No in the honest belief that this was right for Scotland. Perhaps the greatest nonsense within the independence movement is the notion that we must persuade people to make different choices whilst constantly assuring them that there was nothing wrong with their previous choice.

I’m here to assure those No voters that it is all their fault. They did this. They put our fate in the hands of people like Theresa May and Boris Johnson and Michael Gove and David Mundell. They had a straightforward choice between putting their faith in the people of Scotland and giving carte blanche to the British political elite. They chose the latter. And, now that the consequences of that choice are becoming clear even to those who wilfully disregarded all the warnings, it’s up to them to say what they are prepared to do in an effort to rectify the damage they helped unleash on Scotland.

No voters have to ask themselves whether their Union is more precious than NHS Scotland and everything else that has been put in jeopardy by their choice.

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2 thoughts on “You did this!

  1. I spoke to someone who said they would do anything to protect the Scottish NHS but had not the slightest idea how they would do that and they were against independence.
    There is, as far as I can tell, a lack of understanding that having the legal and constitutional powers to protect Scotland’s institutions is a million times more useful than protest and angry statements.
    Perhaps it is a throwback to the Labour days where framing everything forever as an opposition to what the Tories did was all they could see, rather than thinking we will set our own rules.


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