Who to trust?

Always one to look for the silver lining, I reckon a very important lesson can be learned from the appalling way that EU citizens from outwith the UK have been treated. Bearing in mind that the British government is responsible for the arrangements under which local authorities administer the vote, it is clear they cannot be trusted to do the job properly. It appears they have brought the same tragic incompetence to the running of this election as to the entire Brexit fiasco.

Scotland cannot continue to be subject to this gross ineptitude. Nor is it reasonable to expect that we should let a hostile British government, or its agencies, have any role in the administration of a new independence referendum.

I have long stressed how important it is that, when we hold a new referendum, the Scottish Government and the Scottish Parliament should control the whole process. That there should be no role whatever for the British government at any stage of that process.

If people have been denied a vote in the European Parliament elections due to an ‘administrative error’, imagine what a hostile British government might do to sabotage a referendum to end the Union.

What’s that you say? They would never stoop so low? Really? Can we be absolutely sure of that? With the threat of rabid British Nationalism looming, can we afford to take a chance?

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One thought on “Who to trust?

  1. Judging by the ways in which the British government conducts itself in other matters, I think it would be foolish not to assume that it would attempt to sabotage or otherwise undermine a second indyref. Everything it does is on a scale of one to ten, from “gosh, we didn’t realize, it was a mistake” to ‘screw you, we’ll do as we please”. Anyone who believes that the UKG , and its arms of state control, are incapable of dirty dealing is living in a state of delusion, similar to that occupied by the British State itself. Even the last indyref cannot be ruled out as having had sticky fingers all over it. At the same time, I despair of the Scottish government actually reforming the processes: nothing put in place to ensure that the postal vote process, for example, is now watertight and that it remains in Scotland from beginning to end, and, crucially, that new processes for keeping tabs on the result separate from the polling station result will be put in place. You don’t have to be a conspiracy theorist to understand that the two votes should be kept separate administratively, and brought together only for the final, combined result. Last time, there was absolutely no way to check the processes of the postal vote, so-called ‘samplings’, etc. Outrageous in a state that is supposed to be a democracy.

    From 1707 onwards, we have been subjected to what appears to be jolly old Blighty’s bumbling and eccentricity. In reality, most of the ill-doing has been deliberate: there can be only so many times, according to the laws of probability, that something erroneous and innocent actually manages 100% to benefit the one being ‘erroneous and innocent’. We have been conned at every point in our history. The first indyref, I suspect, was no different, although tangible proof is hard to find, and the second, if there ever is a second, will almost certainly be suborned and subverted. Far better to take everything out of the hands of the UKG altogether and let the international community decide – by fighting the Treaty in the international courts where it cannot hide its malignancy – and have a ratifying referendum after that.

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