You were warned!

As you read reports such as ‘Alarm call on £800m ‘shared’ post-Brexit funding for Scotland‘, always keep in mind that dread phrase “UK-wide common frameworks”. The issue is not that funding will be withheld from local authorities in Scotland but that it will be controlled by that horrifying echo of British imperialism the ‘UK Government in Scotland’. Or, as it is known to those aware of the British political elite’s malign intent, the unelected and unaccountable shadow administration being established to take over powers stripped from the Scottish Parliament.

Funding is everything. Control the money and you have a stranglehold on even the ‘most powerful devolved administration in the world’. After the Union itself, Westminster’s ultimate control of the purse-strings is what makes devolution meaningless. Worse! It’s what allows the British state to use devolution as a weapon against the democratically elected Scottish Government.

That weapon has not been as effective as the British establishment might as hoped. Successive SNP administrations have managed to avoid the worst of the political and fiscal traps. But London has also long been looking at the potential to use local government as a means of bypassing and undermining Holyrood. This has, of course, been made easier by the fact that, in an act of political self-harm which must be utterly baffling to onlookers, voters have handed control of many local authorities to the British parties.

Put the pieces together. The British state’s imperative to eliminate the threat to its supremacy posed by the Scottish Parliament and the SNP. The opportunity Brexit has offered to unilaterally alter the devolution settlement, seize control of funding and impose “UK-wide common frameworks”. The readiness of the British parties to let Councils be used as a Trojan horse. It all adds up to only one thing – the creeping restoration of direct rule from London with Holyrood, if it survives at all, left to manage the stuff that the British would rather not be blamed for.

You were warned!

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2 thoughts on “You were warned!

  1. Absolutely. I can’t remember where now, but when that vacuous moron Cameron decided to hold the EU referendum, ostensibly because he wanted to put the issue to rest once and for all, I heard talk of it being also part of a deep state strategy to emasculate Scotland. It was calculated by the men in smoke filled rooms that whatever the outcome of an EU referendum, it would provide the perfect conditions for reimposing direct rule on Scotland. The establishment doesn’t like us bumptious Jocks at the best of times, but since we have been demonstrating by example for so many years that the mother of parliaments is utterly bereft of principle, the threat we pose is even more acute. But I think there is too much chaos now for their taste, too many loose canons and unpredictabilities. Perhaps the disaster capitalists will still find profitable openings, but political control is becoming less straightforward for them.


  2. Peter,

    Its YES’s own fault. Low voter turnout makes it too easy for a small minority of Unionist to control local councils.

    If YES is to have any hope, it has to at least start picking all the low hanging fruit in the system. How is there not a permanent campaign in the YES movement for universal attendance at any election…every election and by-election should be a celebration of YES….a coming together of the YES community.

    You have to at least make the unionist work for it….otherwise you get what Westminster gives you.

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