The British media are lying to you!

Question Time does not bar people from its audience because they have held elected office or are political activists.

There is a selection process to ensure a range of views are heard and last night’s QT audience included supporters of different political parties, including the SNP.

BBC spokesperson

The truth. The partial truth. And anything but the truth.

The British establishment long since mastered the art of prevarication, obfuscation, equivocation and falsification. Its broadcasting arm deploys these as casually as you and I blink. and almost as frequently. The BBC’s response to those protesting the blatant padding of the Question Time audience stands as an object lesson in how to tell a lie without actually saying anything that is untrue.

It is almost certainly true that the makers of the programme do not deliberately exclude from the audience people who have “held elected office or are political activists”. But this is not the substance of the complaint. The purpose of the denial is to create the impression of wild allegations having been made.

Nobody, to the best of my knowledge, has accused the BBC or its agents of barring people on the grounds of their political activism or past political office. The charge is, rather that people seem to have been selected on the basis of their known British Nationalist affiliation. How else to explain the extraordinary number of prominent hard-line Unionists who find their way into the studio?

While the claim that there is no process actively barring people of a certain political persuasion, it is rather noticeable that precious few former or serving SNP politicians are selected.

It is undoubtedly true that there is a “selection process”. And that this process serves to “ensure a range of views are heard”. Again, the denials and assurances divert from the complaint. Yes, it is possible for pro-Independence views to be heard. But they rarely are. Just as it possible for pro-independence politicians and activists to be selected. But they rarely are.

It is not a matter of absolutes, but of balance. The BBC (or its agents) can disprove accusations of exclusion simply by pointing to a lone SNP Councillor in the audience – regardless of whether that individual has been allowed to speak. They can refute allegations that a range of views are not being aired by referring to a solitary pro-independence comment. The question is, how accurately does the programme as a whole reflect the political reality? And the answer has to be, not well. In fact, not at all.

BBC Question Time is propaganda. What it presents to the viewing audience is, not a reflection of the way things actually are, but a contrived impression of the way the British establishment thinks things should be. The way British Nationalists desperately want things to be. And the way an uber-parochial, curiosity deficient, intellectually indolent London-centric media elite suppose things to be.

This grotesque fairground-mirror portrayal of politics is particularly, painfully evident when Question Time ventures into Scotland precisely because the political reality here departs so markedly from the British standard. A contrast that the people of Scotland have much cause to celebrate, even as they deplore the BBC’s evident inability to be honest with them.

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4 thoughts on “The British media are lying to you!

  1. Given that it goes out to a UK audience it serves it’s purpose which is to convince the English- which is the majority of the U.K. Population – that the SNP and the independence movement as a whole does not have wide support in Scotland. Then when Westminster moves against Holyrood the majority of people in the UK -which is the English population- will be behind them whatever they do to Scotland.


  2. Couldn’t agree more, Mr Bell. The ultimate plan is to strip away devolution to the three (or, perhaps, just two – Wales and Scotland) nations to ensure that they are competing on a ‘level playing field’ with what will soon be autonomous parts of England, finalizing the regionalization of the UK as a whole, and leaving the centre untouched and still in total control of the ‘best bits’ of governance, the bits that confer power to act. You are also spot on when you identify the UK Government Office in Scotland, or whatever grand title it has been given to mask its real motives and use, as the new colonial office in Scotland. What invasion in 1314, what all the invasions and interference in Scotland’s politics in between, right down to the Union of 1707 and beyond, could not do, the post Brexit (or even no Brexit) UK will do: it will regionalize Scotland and Wales, in particular, alongside greater autonomy for the big English regions and cities, and we will be lost forever, as we are swallowed up in what will become an internecine battle for trade, funding, tax concessions, welfare concessions, etc., from the centre, in London. At the end of the day – and I make no apologies for saying so because it is the stark truth – all that matters is that the British (really, English, with devolved nation collaborators) ruling elites will ensure that nothing changes in the UK, and that what will emerge after all their machinations will be a Greater England, the wet dream of every English/British administration since before the Norman Conquest, and accelerated after it. Alert listeners to the television and radio channels will have noticed that we are, more and more, being referred to as a region – the Scotland Region – in order to soften us up for the end. Our only hope is to get rid of the Union. Show it for what it is: a 312-year-old con trick perpetuated against the Scots, and then, the rest, even ordinary English people, by a political elite that is well aware of that what it has done, just as it was well aware of what it did in relation to the burial of the McCrone Report.

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    1. Spot on. The essential relation of Scotland to the aristocracy is the system of land management that pertains on the Highland Estates. This ties together the puerile bloodlust of public schoolboys, the brutality of capitalism, the natural entitlement of the gentry, and custodianship of ecology. Of course they are never going to give this up so anything that threatens anything about any element of this lot will be attacked mercilessly and very often stupidly, thereby creating a kind of perpetual banality in political discourse. The only way to clear these people from the land, rewild the barren heather and to return it to a place where ordinary smallholding is possible, will be to clear them out, physically – it was after all a strategy deployed to some effect in another time. Seriously though, we have come to a place where politics is so broken, discourse so fractured and divisive, attitudes so entrenched and moronic that other means must now be considered.


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