The final message

The First Minister calls on Scotland’s voters to send a Brexit message to Westminster. But didn’t we already do that? Didn’t we send a very clear message when we voted almost 2 to 1 to Remain part of the EU? Wasn’t that message contemptuously ignored by the British political elite?

Send a message that “Scotland has had enough of being ignored”, says Nicola Sturgeon, even as she urges us to once again invite the imperious disdain of the British state.

We are up to our chins in British shite and using our last breath before being submerged to tell the British political elite, yet again, that they only get to shite on us one more time. Or maybe two. Almost certainly no more than three. Then they’ll get their final warning. Aye!

Of course we will vote SNP on Thursday 23 May! What other option is there? But, as we do, let us consider that it is surely time to stop offering up our faces to be spat upon by British Nationalists. It is surely time to stop hoping that Westminster will listen and start demanding that the Scottish Government does.

It is surely time to tell our First Minister that the only message we want to send to the British government is one giving notice of our intention to dissolve the Union.

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3 thoughts on “The final message

  1. Given our discussion on your pervious post, this made me smile.

    I love how you cut things to the core. Brilliant post.


  2. I am opposed to a second indyref unless it can be shown well in advance that we would win by a country mile – because that is all the Unionists would accept now. I have never cared for referendums and I don’t see them as having much to do with democracy either, most of the time, although, occasionally, probably accidentally, they have a great deal to do with democracy, as in the 1998/99 setting up of the Scottish parliament. If you let the British State – Westminster is just the acceptable (?) face – get a toe-hold, it will do its best to destroy any hope of independence by any and all means at its disposal, and that is before you have the divisive nature of the exercise which will pit Unionist against indy supporter.

    You are absolutely right that the SNP is the political arm of the independence movement, but it has not exactly behaved like it is for some time, or, at least, not in a way that tells Westminster that we are serious about leaving the Union by adopting strategies and tactics that force Westminster to understand that point. The minute you use the constitutional tools at the heart of the UK (which are entirely English in origin and have little traction in Scotland) you are signalling your surrender, and this is what the SNP leadership has done. That is why I, personally, feel so angry and let down after more years than I care to remember as an SNP supporter. Nicola Sturgeon and her team do not have to stand down because they do a great job with domestic matters, despite the spiteful and malignant opposition, but just to appoint someone who will take the ‘fight’ for independence to the other side.

    We would not be here now discussing the finer points of self-determination and how it might be won (again) had Bruce not taken the advice of his lieutenants and taken the fight to Edward II instead of returning to the well-tried and tested guerrilla methods which were getting him and his cause, and by implication, Scotland’s self-determination, absolutely nowhere fast. If that sounds very martial, so be it: he used Edward’s weakness against him; he chose his own battlefield; and he did not use the tactics and strategy of the English host, but, rather, ones that had a higher than average chance of bringing that host to its knees by reducing the odds considerably. Do not think that, for a minute, I am trying to alienate rUK voters – far from it; I am trying to show that, when a situation calls for a change of tactics, you change tactics. Had he not, we would be part of England now and all this would be academic. Get rid of the Union and Scotland will follow.

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    1. Indeed.
      How many times have we heard SNP politicians girn, and girn, about Scotland not being listened to… and this is repeated, time after time..
      And yet, they just sit back, and accept it.
      What’s the point of this continually complaining, if nothing is going to be done about it?
      But there is plenty that can and should be done, but isn’t being done.
      And as things stand, if Scotland voted in 6 SNP MEPs at the end of this month, what care would London take of it?
      SNP has to start being a bit more defensive, a bit more radical, and stop pandering to the pro London media machine.
      That was also Labour’s mistake in UK generally, during the 2010, and 2015 General Elections.
      Too afraid to upset the London press, and actually, it wouldn’t matter how much they tried, they would never get the media on side, and they lost big, in the end..
      Same appears to be with SNP, at the moment. Hoping the media will be “nice”, or at the very least, “nicer” than they have been.
      But that isn’t going to happen
      They need to start making demands from London, and they need too serve notice, the Union is over.
      Nothing less, will do. Nothing less will work. And the danger is, they do look like they are wasting their time, otherwise, and everyone else’s, too.


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