Get a f****** grip!

Pete Wishart seems intent on testing to its limit my resolve to vote SNP for the sake of the independence cause. As Speaker, he would be lost to the SNP group at Westminster. Whether or not he has any chance of getting this job at the heart of the British establishment, he is effectively declaring his desire to withdraw from the fight for independence in favour of trying to make the British parliament work a wee bit better. If this is evidence of his priorities, what use is he to me or anyone else who considers ending the Union a matter of the utmost importance and urgency?

We need politicians who are totally dedicated to saving Scotland from the scourge of British Nationalism. I’m sure as hell not seeing that kind of commitment from somebody who appears to have totally forgotten the opening paragraphs of the SNP’s constitution.

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8 thoughts on “Get a f****** grip!

  1. I am staying in the SNP for one reason. It’s as much my party as theirs. The current crop of SNP British compliance Mps need to be kicked out. I have nowhere else to go.

    Voting Green is allowing the Yoons in the back door. So I have to vote SNP, as whether we like if or not. Every time they the SNP lose ground ,the Brits see it as a de facto defeat of our movement.

    Nicola has absolutely no intention of getting a referendum before 2021. She is seeing out time until Holyrood 2021 elections. We are being conned, her words are hollow.

    I don’t even believe she will use Holyrood as a de facto indi ref. She chose not to do that in 2017. Why? Because the SNP staying in power is now more important to her than anything else.

    It was something that was foretold about our party. They have become part of the furniture in the British state.

    I don’t know how we change that other than getting rid of the conservatives in our party. Something needs to give or we are just going nowhere.


  2. All this timidity in the SNP ranks to boldly agitate for Indy sounds like establishment creep and that’s bad enough. But deliberately angling for the top job so that you hunker down in a place where morals go to die is surely a dereliction of duty to those constituents he represents who want nothing more than to be free of it.


  3. He could easily lose his majority – of 21 – in the next Westminster election. Looking for a way of staying put? Pete “Hold Forever” Wishart – it’s been obvious for some time that he’s not interested in normality for Scotland.

    The huge uplift in salary and sumptuous, free apartment, entertainment budget and travel must be very tempting for someone who has spent nearly 20 years in the HoC. It must seem like a second home. MPs seem to see HoC as a sparring game against their opponents whereas for Scotland it’s all about survival as a nation. I look forward to the day Scotland withdraws from Westminster and the union.

    For the first time in many years I’m disillusioned with quite a few of the SNP leadership.

    It’s been a bad weekend with the 3 idiots in the Herald and all the bad feeling and anger they have caused. None of them appear to have acknowledged that a huge march took place in Glasgow in support of what they supposedly stand for. What’s behind that omission?


  4. WTAF!!!!!!!!! The SNP are looking like a party who want independence only if it is forced on them….but won’t fight for it.

    Even when given the once in 300 year gift of Brexit,…they want to make Westminster work and still won’t take independence when it is put on a gold platter for them.

    Peter….you should start the DTU party.


  5. I still think we ought to have another pro Independence Party.
    The SNP have been getting away with the “Don’t split the Indy Vote” fear, long enough now.
    True, that is a very real fear, but is also allowing the kind of timidity, we are witnessing just now.
    Another factor, is a definite fear form SNP, of pro London media.
    And we saw where that fear, and timidity got Scotland, in 2014/
    SNP were far, far too deferential to media, and this was, without doubt, one of the factors in the “No” vote result.
    We get the impression.the First Minister, is trying to be sort of clever, and she is hoping to be able to say, soon enough, “See, mine’s was the right approach”.
    But, many of us, are doubtful, it is.
    We could still end up out of EU anytime, regardless, of the EU elections, and then what for Scotland?
    It will already be too late, and if the focus is still on the 2nd Referendum, the great, hoped for Indy 2, it could be a waste of time, and a forlorn hope, of it is to be down to London.
    I still see it,as the duty of the present Scottish Parliament, alongside the majority of Scottish MPs to Dissolve the Union, formally.
    As it stands, the SNP want to leave all to London, for the time being.
    For they now appear to be content, as “Administrators”, and little else, with no much of a vision for either the present, or the future.

    They are playing a dangerous game, both for Scotland, and themselves. If they don’t abandon this strange timid stance, the voters will, in due course abandon them, and turn to others, and others, it will be, if they have to, take this country to Independence.
    But if it has to happen that way, and takes a bit longer, because of it, history, will not be too kind to any one of the present politicians who are paying more heed to London, both by supporting London rule, or simply by insisting, everything must be via the rules set in London, than they are, to Scotland.
    Saying we should be Independent, and that is best for Scotland, is one thing, saying we have to accept it thru only by paling London’s game, quite another, as that is not the way to get it.
    It is time, SNP understood that, these days.


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