It is what it is

So, the BBC is as much a part of the British establishment as the monarchy, the City of London and the Palace of Westminster. What’s new?

So, being part of the British establishment, the BBC operates on the assumption that there is no act or conduct or policy, however heinous it might be considered in any other context, which cannot be justified in the name of defending or advancing the interests of the British state. This is no more a revelation than the fact that Andrew Neil is a self-regarding, self-important, self-serving bladder who nonchalantly admits to giving free rein to the personal prejudices which bid him afford the status of truth to anything negative about those who challenge his notions of British exceptionalism.

The things Andrew Neil says on air about the SNP and the Scottish Government and the Scottish Parliament and Scotland in general don’t have to pass some test of accuracy or veracity. They simply have to be “credible” to someone who regards all these things with sneering contempt. And Neil is hardly unique. The BBC is stuffed with his ilk.

So Ofcom, itself yet another tentacle of the British establishment, has been confronted with an example of the BBC’s dishonesty and partiality too egregious to be ignored. Shit happens!

Nothing will be changed by this damning indictment of the BBC and one of its pet celebrities. The ethos of complacent superiority which suffuses the corporation’s management will not be affected. The habitual incompetence and unprofessional conduct of the ‘talent’ will go unchecked. The BBC will still be the BBC. Andrew Neil will still typify the close-minded pomposity of London-centric British journalists with their cosy consensus about the way things are and should be.

Which is not intended to imply that we shouldn’t be outraged and disgusted by the casual misrepresentation of facts and the contrived manipulation of information to fit a British nationalist narrative. Only that we should realise this is a commonplace. A constant. A fact of life.

There is actually nothing at all extraordinary about what Andrew Neil did. It is happening all the time even if it is very rarely officially acknowledged – and even more rarely officially condemned. The British media serve only the British establishment. In doing so, they are subject to ethical constraints loose enough to be effectively non-existent. There is nothing we can do to alter this. And we can’t be angry all the time.

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2 thoughts on “It is what it is

  1. Thanks for this. Indeed it is. And the clue is in the word “British”.

    The thing that exercises me most about this announcement is the utter untimeliness. The institution dedicated to checking if the media is being fair to all operates using an extremely laborious and retrospective kind of empiricism that effectively neutralises all and any dissent.

    Imagine that today some moronic broadcaster says something moronically false and beyond the pale, and that this has a direct effect on the lives of others or the course events then take. Somebody then objects to OFCOM and the matter is investigated. Suddenly a very serious discourse takes over, one about properly investigating whether or not the broadcaster in question uttered the offence in question. The thing said is not unsaid. It does not go away. In fact it it repeated endlessly, but now as an allegation that broadcasting rules were broken, not as a fact, not as an element of ordinary experience.

    And yet anybody who witnessed the event at first hand, on the basis of their own experience, will know that indeed rules were broken. Two years later, or however long it takes, the investigation reports its conclusions that rules were indeed broken and that this was a very naughty broadcaster. What happens then? Nothing of course. Everybody has forgotten about it and moved on. Naughty broadcaster still broadcasts. Damage remains done, events took the course they took. Nobody takes any kind of responsibility.

    The absence of Mr Salmond from contemporary discourse is case in point here. I have no wish to pass judgement on whether he did what he is alleged to have done, but because this is now being investigated by the cops, he is silenced. Official institutional empiricism taking as long as it likes or as long as it believes necessary to find out what happened. How many years will this take? How long will probably the most astute and competent politician of our times remain completely absent from public life because the machinations of British empiricism are working as they do? What difference would be made in the present if he were able publicly to speak his mind?

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  2. Peter nail on head as usual , what worries and disgusts me in equal measures , is the ability by many who support dissolution of this fetid union ( independence ) to assert that it is ONLY some in the corrupt bbc who are guilty of the ongoing demonisation of Scotland , Scots and the SG

    I have stated openly on many forums that I believe WE have a once in a lifetime opportunity to resurrect a country and a political system that benefits all our citizens , but we have to insist that the old ways of corruption and patronage are destroyed never to return

    We have to ensure that the BBC and the other biased broadcasters face the wrath of their duplicitous behaviour , we have to have a broadcasting regulator with REAL teeth to ensure honesty and integrity in reportage and investigation , we have to have a proper corporate punishment where the head of these organisations are held responsible for the organisations failings , if they are willing to accept the large salaries they should be willing to accept responsibility for their mismanagement . I personally would just eject them and their minions from the country


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