The snarling of the beast

It was always going to happen. British Nationalists were always going to find something to latch onto. They were always going to find some vulnerability that they could exploit. Simply be virtue of the fact that they were constantly attacking Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP on any grounds however spurious, it was pretty much inevitable that one of those attacks would find some wee tear that they could pick at. When you blast away in all directions with a scatter-gun then you’re almost bound to eventually at least graze one of your chosen targets.

Although, for obvious reasons, not much was said about it at the time, this was part of the reasoning behind the drive to hold a new referendum last September. It seemed obvious that, given the British establishment’s frenzied determination to find – or fashion – some dirt on a senior SNP figure, the longer this effort was allowed to continue the greater the chances that it would have some measure of success.

Forget the ‘conspiracy theories’ about highly placed British civil service ‘moles’ in the SNP administration with orders to sabotage one or more SNP politicians at the first opportunity. I’m not saying the British establishment is not capable of such conduct. Only that they are probably not competent. Appalling as the British political elite may be, civil servants are generally decent people with a strong sense of duty and very much focused on their careers. They are not easily corrupted.

And it isn’t necessary anyway. Civil servants are just people and subject as all of us are to human folly and frailty. One of them was going to screw up in some way at some point. And it is becoming clearer by the day that there were one or two senior civil servants in the vicinity of the First Minister who are perhaps more prone to human weaknesses and defects of character than most. And certainly more so than is desirable in a senior civil servant.

It was only a matter of time. The more time they were allowed, the greater the chance that British Nationalists would strike lucky.

Why a civil servant and not one of the senior SNP politicians themselves? Why was it more likely that a crack would eventually appear in the machinery of the Scottish Government rather than in any of its leading personalities? Simply because those leading personalities are the first generation of front-line figures in a new party of government. They haven’t risen to power through established structures which could help them over humps and cover their arses where necessary. In order to get there, they’ve had to keep their noses, not merely clean as in free of dangling snot, but clean as in pristine. Antiseptically clean.

What makes the allegations against Alex Salmond less than credible is the fact that his reputation is of such immense value to him, together with his awareness that the British establishment and its media hyenas were constantly raking through his bins looking for any titbit they could exploit. In all of history, few politicians have come under such intense and prolonged scrutiny. British Nationalist frustration at being unable to find anything is palpable. Those less prejudiced might consider the failure of such a massive effort to find evidence of wrongdoing to strongly suggest that no such evidence exists.

Similar considerations apply regarding the insinuations against Nicola Sturgeon. Together with the confused and contradictory nature of those insinuations. Almost as if her attackers are trying to cover all possible permutations of wrongdoing regardless of whether they make any sense. Which leads us to consider the reputations of those attackers compared with that of Nicola Sturgeon.

That there is a smear campaign against both Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon is certain. Since at least 2007, there has not been a moment when there wasn’t some kind of smear campaign against one or both of them either in progress or in preparation. The current exercise in negative propaganda appears to be gaining more traction than any that have gone before. But this may be a function of the resources that are being applied to the effort rather than an indication of any substance behind the allegations and insinuations.

Of one thing we can be fairly sure; this smear campaign is opportunistic rather than conspiratorial. A senior civil servant has behaved in a manner that is dubious, at best. The British Nationalist beast’s primitive instincts have been triggered as it senses potential weakness. It is responding with all the petty, mindless viciousness we’ve come to expect from politicians bred in the British political system.

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12 thoughts on “The snarling of the beast

  1. I agree with all you say Peter and have, therefore, nothing to add to your lucid summary of the BritNat anti-SNP/Independence ‘strategy’.
    However, I feel bound to say that I think Nicola hasn’t helped herself here:
    • As the procedure as applied has proven to be flawed, a specific apology to Alex Salmond should have been in order. By merely apologising to ‘All’ involved and then qualifying that by stating – and I’m paraphrasing here – that she is particularly concerned to have let down the complainants implies that the apology to the person complained of (Salmond) and others is somehow not quite as worthy. In the circumstances, a bad move.
    • Having an internal investigation by the Scottish Government into itself in terms of the alleged data breach i.e. leak to the tabloids and concluding that none had occurred just doesn’t look good.
    • Stating that the Scottish Government conceded the case solely on the basis of one aspect of the case and stating that the judge ‘dismissed’ the other aspects is quite simply wrong and completely misrepresents the judge’s conclusions.
    • As a qualified lawyer/solicitor Nicola should never have signed off a procedure that did not require corroboration and was retrospective in nature as this is surely unfair. If this is ok then what happens to ‘innocent until PROVEN guilty’?
    There are other misgivings but I’ll stop there.
    It is also worth considering that Nicola and or the SNP top brass have made similar misjudgements (in my view) in the recent pass reference Michelle Thomson and Grouse Beater. Nicola seems to have opted for the protection of political correctness in order to avoid being tarnished by British Nationalists.
    I would very much hope that in an Independent Scotland such Stalinest tendencies are not allowed to take hold of our society and that common sense, decency, kindness, consideration and the rule of FAIR laws prevail.

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  2. The trouble is that leslie evans is a westminster government approved and MI6 vetted creature. If she fails to act on their behalf then she may end up meeting the same fate as others who failed them. Dr J Kelly being the most obvious example. Craig Murray being another who was attacked by the empire for rebelling and exposing their crimes.

    The biggest problem with the current FM is her disgusting adherence to the cult of feminism. She is incapable of treating an anonymous and clearly politically motivated claim against A Salmond as being anything other than true. She did it with the whole metoo and believeher witch hunts and her slavish devotion to hillary clinton just because she was a cunt with a cunt, ignoring the war crimes and history of embezzlement, gifts from dictators and personal friendship with D J Trump when he was funding her 2008 campaign.

    The failure to stand up to the media and their lies could destroy her and Scotland. This isn’t the time for giving in to them. Evans and McKinnon have stitched up two First Ministers and should face the consequences of their treason. They must not be protected just because they are fellow wamen and part of the sisterhood.


  3. Who leaked the story to the rat bag David Clegg of the Daily Rabid. Follow your nose to that stinking click bait unionist bastards. That will lead to the source and to the truth.

    I think this civil servant was goading the alleged victims. They were promised candy for pursuing this. Salmond has not even been questioned by the police. Notice how the press kept saying ” Aye he’s won his technical case , but his allegations are still to be investigated”. Almost in desperation to prove to the public that he was still a slimebag.


  4. Big Jock

    Do we know that Alex has not been questioned by the police? I haven’t seen any statement on that.

    The time it is taking is ridiculous. Women have been raped and murdered, a suspect identified, arrested, charged and imprisoned in less time. It should only take a couple of hours for the bobbies to interview the complainants and Alex and report to the procurator fiscal. Who is authorising the feet dragging?


  5. I think Alex stated that he hadn’t yet been interviewed. You are right it is a fairly simple process.

    Victim makes the allegation. The accused gets asked about what they know or admit to. They pass the evidence to the lawyers and the courts decide if it warrants a trial. There are no witnesses as far as I know, that raises an eyebrow.

    The chief police investigator was honoured by the Queen. So again part of the establishment.

    The whole thing stinks of a hatchet job. Not forgetting the allegations appeared not long after Alex spat with the establishment about RT.

    They want it to drag on until Indy ref 2 is over. They have no arguments to stay in the UK. So they are trying to remove the people that might win independence.


  6. I went on to this link supplied by NANA on WOS and she highlights the fact , that as usual it is worth looking into the wording of any disclaimers e,g, that there is no sign of any data breach , everyone and their dug knows that the ACCUSATIONS remember ACCUSATIONS are too specifically highlighted in the daily wrecker to NOT have come from someone close to the case .
    Due to the allegations and the police involvement I think it would be imperative for the police to also investigate the source of the leak , let’s be honest this is a very serious issue in relation to the ongoing safety and security of the Scottish Governments ability to protect information . This leaking of information could pose a threat to national security , the police MUST investigate and the first place would be the reporter ( sorry hack ) Clegg , he had too much insider knowledge which could only have come from someone connected to the issue . I would check his phones , ,emails and computers to find out who is supplying this information


  7. Robert. Salmond said that he is very close to finding the source of this. I expect his legal team will be sending a letter to Clegg and his cronies about disclosure.


  8. Unbelievable, not one word of sympathy for the two women who have made the accusations. Not a mention of the fact that it was Lloyd, Sturgeons friend of long standing that actually messed up by communicating with the two women. Not a sniff of the fact that Sturgeon approved the action against Salmond after seeing all the statements from the accusers and the reports from the civil service. You conspiracy theorist morons should all be ashamed of yourselves.


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