The cancer

Jackson Carlaw is the individual who also complained about the Scottish Parliament Corporate Body purchasing an outfit for the use of Holyrood’s official piper. The cost was around £1,000. But the issue for Carlaw isn’t the expenditure of public funds. It’s the fact that official piper is one Stuart McMillan – Scottish National Party Member of the Scottish Parliament for the Greenock and Inverclyde constituency.

As the Scottish Parliament’s official piper Mr McMillan has played at numerous events and does not charge for services. He has thus saved the public purse rather more than the amount spent on the piper’s outfit which, in any case, remains the property of the Scottish Parliament.

I mention this to illustrate just how petty, puerile and senseless British Nationalists like Carlaw can be when it comes to attacking the hated SNP.

The issues surrounding the allegations against Alex Salmond and the conduct of the investigation by British civil servants are, of course, very far from being as trivial as other matter that the likes of Carlaw have latched onto in their desperation to smear any SNP figure. But Carlaw’s motives are just as malicious.

The bitter resentment and hatred of the SNP harboured by the British parties squatting in the Scottish Parliament is a cancer at the heart of Scotland’s politics. Our nation will not be well until we remove that tumour.

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5 thoughts on “The cancer

  1. He may not be the brightest bulb on the Christmas tree, but no one can say Carlaw, erstwhile secondhand car salesman of quarter of a century standing, lacks moral rectitude.

    When there were moves afoot in 2014 by the ultra nationalist Royal Society for the Protection of Birds to make the Golden Eagle a symbol of Scotland, staunch Unionist Carlaw was outraged*, comparing that ancient icon of Alba to a symbol of Nazi Germany and Roman imperialism.

    There can be no doubt that those victims of universal credit (implemented by his colonial masters) will be thrilled to know Jackson was on point looking after their vital interests even then.


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  2. I agree and have made mention in some of my tweets. The Tories are a London Party, registered as such, with Theresa May as the leader of the Party in Scotland. As are Labour and the Lib Dems. They do not legitimately speak for Scotland’s purpose but for England’s benefit. They are cuckoos in the nest, awaiting the moment they can unseat the true Scottish politicians, who are actually registered as such. While they remain acting against Scotland’s interests, they should be viewed as a cancer. After all, the Scottish Government is spending a fortune of public money mitigating Tory Policy, applauded by the group of Tory MSPs who made a nest in Scotland. This constant battle with the damaging Tory agenda is doing Scotland no good at all, wasting our money on matters Scotland neither needs or desires. Just one look around the Tory benches should tell everyone what sort of creatures they aim to be. The Wells, Briggs and Carlaws are comic book characters straight out of Dickens or Shakespeare comedies, tragically not being funny for Scotland.

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  3. Unfortunately, many people still read The Record, The Herald (today’s front page! my god!), Scotsman and of course those “newspapers” who are well and truly in the gutter, Mail, Express etc.
    Hard to tell, but I think the combined voices of you and others… Wings, Prof J Robertson, C Murray, Grousebeater … are getting louder and being heard by more and more people. I hope so.

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    1. I’m living proof cancer can be dealt with! It’s not easy, the bugger doesn’t take the hint. Wishing doesn’t do it. You have to hit it hard and not let up, even when you are tired, weakened, & fearful of the outcome,
      – the unknown. The alternative does not bare thinking about, but it’s what keeps you fighting!

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  4. Every country needs an effective opposition – just as much as it needs an effective government. As long as this vitriolic hatred of the SNP continues we will never have an effective opposition. They have no alternative policies to speak of. All they do is try to portray the SNP as bad. I’m pig sick of them and really pissed off at having to pay their wages for what is, effectively, a jolly slagging match for them. I sincerely hope that, come independence, their arses will be kicked so hard that they will never be able to take up any seat again – anywhere.

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