Why are we waiting?

Ian Blackford is undoubtedly correct when he says that “there is no such thing as a good Brexit“. It is certainly the case that there is no form of Brexit that negates the democratic will of Scotland’s people, who voted decisively to remain part of the EU. There is no form of Brexit which does anything other than demonstrate the British state’s contempt for Scotland – and for democracy.

So, what is unclear? What might be revealed by this ‘clarity’ we’re told we must wait for? What might we see when the “fog of Brexit clears” that is any different from the festival of incompetence we’ve watched spiralling into a catastrophic fiasco over the last 30 months?

What are we waiting for?

It is understandable that the SNP does not oppose a so-called ‘People’s Vote’? Opposing the people’s right to directly vote on fundamental constitutional issues is not a good look. Anybody who has watched British Nationalists “becoming increasingly strident, increasingly shrill, in their insistence that there must not be another Scottish independence referendum” knows just how ugly such anti-democratic rhetoric can be.

But is supporting calls for a ‘People’s Vote’ any better? Is it appropriate for the SNP to participate in a campaign to revisit the UK-wide Leave vote? What would be the purpose of a new EU referendum? If the purpose was to allow the people of Scotland an opportunity to reconsider an earlier choice in the light of significantly altered circumstances, then demanding a ‘Peoples Vote’ would be democratically warranted. But there is not the slightest indication that the people of Scotland want a chance to change their minds. Or that they would do so given the opportunity. In fact, the signs are that Scotland would vote Remain by an even bigger margin than the original 62%.

The only purpose of a ‘People’s Vote’ is to allow England to have a change of heart. By supporting a new referendum on EU membership the SNP is effectively saying that they are happy for Scotland’s fate to once again be placed in the hands of voters in England. The party might insist that Scotland’s vote in such a referendum be respected. But that isn’t going to happen. It isn’t going to happen because the Union absolutely requires that Scotland’s democratic will be subordinate to England’s. Just as it absolutely requires that Scotland’s interests must be subordinate to those of the British state. The very best that we could realistically expect is an assurance from the British political elite that Scotland’s vote would be ‘taken into consideration’. And we all know what such assurances are worth.

The SNP should have taken a neutral position on a ‘People’s Vote’ – neither supporting nor opposing. It’s England’s Brexit. It’s England’s problem. If they want a fresh vote on EU membership in the hope of resolving the problem, let them get on with it.

The position that the SNP has taken – actively demanding another vote – looks like nothing more than another delaying tactic. Another way of putting off effective action to resolve the real constitutional issue facing Scotland. Not Brexit, but the Union which denies the people of Scotland full and effective exercise of their sovereignty.

Unless and until we #DissolveTheUnion, the British state’s contempt for Scotland made so egregiously evident by Brexit will continue. Ian Blackford says,

It is the job of the Scottish Government to protect the interests of Scotland.

What are they waiting for?

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6 thoughts on “Why are we waiting?

  1. As much as I fundamentally oppose Brexit. England and Wales voted for it. Scotland didn’t. So the SNP should allow England and Wales to battle with their souls over this.

    We should be moving to independence as a result of the vote. We are now completely at odds with RUK constitutionaly. Why should we help save England when it is clear the government don’t give two hoots about us.

    Brexit has demonstrated that there is no union. It is in fact an English empire with the home nations as colonies. Even if England did vote remain second time round. Why would the SNP want to keep Scotland in this disgusting failed state.

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  2. Yes it’s a delaying tactic Peter. I hear May is going to delay the delayed vote on her deal now.

    Can the SNP not see what is going on. Are they completely blinkered. The Tories are leaving the vote until the very last minute. That makes a no deal easier, as emergency powers can be invoked. She doesn’t need WM to agree a no deal , that’s why it’s called a no deal. It’s over the white cliffs without a parachute.

    We know the outcome Nicola. For goodness sake do your job.

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  3. It’s interesting to speculate that when Nicola made her announcement of support for the Peoples’ Vote on the Andrew Marr show had she considered how she was going to insist on including EU nationals and 16/17 year olds in the franchise? The real danger is if the Peoples’ vote does come off the SNP will be rounded on for having stolen the English Brexit. No we really don’t want anything to do with this project however much it’s painted as the proper democratic thing to do.


  4. The SNP believes in the sovereignty of the Scottish people.

    As democrats and people of principle how can the SNP politicians deny the English people their sovereignty to choose to leave the EU?

    Because of the close vote there will be chaos in Westminster and England for years to come. The SNP should be using this chaos to drive the wedge between us and rUK by appointing a Cabinet Secretary for Independence to prepare us for it, and take steps to fir example disrupt the British Civil Service by inviting notes of interest of people who would to be wish to be considered for employment by the Scottish Public Service Bureau on Independence


  5. I hope the FM supports the so-called people’s vote because she kens it’s not going to happen.


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