What this Panelbase survey suggests is that over 40% of Scotland’s people are content that we should be dragged out of the EU against our wishes and in a manner which is either disastrous or catastrophic. For every five people you encounter today, two will settle for Scotland being treated with calculated contempt by a British political elite rather than take responsibility for their own future.

If you are taking the bus to work and it’s full, more than twenty of your fellow passengers are prepared to sacrifice Scotland’s prosperity, democracy and dignity in the name of a political union which serves only to deprive Scotland of the power to protect its prosperity, democracy and dignity. Unless it’s a double-decker, of course. In which case, there’s around thirty people on that bus who would willingly throw you and your family under the wheels of the British Nationalist juggernaut.

In all of Scotland, that’s approximately 1.6 million voters who are intent on the Union at any cost.

How depressing is that?

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7 thoughts on “Rejoice?

  1. You are absolutely correct, and it pains me, why are so many Scots so indoctrinated and so apathetic to the cause of Independence and self determination ? It drives me to distraction trying to get through to some people. Does it not say a lot about Scotland, England and the union are not the problem its Scotland that is the problem and thats scary.


  2. There is something perverse in people who prefer to live their lives being MALIGNED. Are these the same people who were told at school they would never amount to anything? They are passengers on the HMS Rule Britaania which is sinking faster thean Titanic. the lifenboats are ready & waiting but no,they bought their tickerts & they are determined to go down with the ship.Just because the captain is choosing to do just that! 😦


  3. The statistics, the ones that Professor John Curtice will never publish,re-enforcing show that the majority of the Leave vote in Scotland came from the core NO vote of 2014, so folks, not only did those NO voters thwart our independence but they thwarted our Remain vote, too. Many of them went on to vote Tory, into the bargain. I have been saying this since early 2015 and have been castigated as anti-English for saying it. The fact remains that the biggest NO vote came via the Scots Unionists themselves, and the second biggest, which brought them over the line and up to 55% was the rUK vote (the EU residents’ vote for NO, although a majority of those who voted, was small in comparison and scarcely affected the overall result). So, there you have it. We have a powerful anti-Scottish, pro-English/British Nationalist core vote made up of these people who will never vote for Scottish independence because their allegiance lies south of the border. Whisper it, though, because, remember, we are the only people on the face of the planet who cannot tell the truth about the Emperor’s new clothes. They will never, ever willingly relinquish that allegiance. They view us as colonials and Scotland as a lovely colonial setting for their dreams. All we have ever done is pander to that view and cosset them, re-enforcing their misplaced sense of entitlement. The Scottish Unionists resemble no one as much as the DUP of NI, and the rUK NO voters resemble no one as much as the Nabobs of the Raj. That is what we kow-tow to by insisting on another indyref before independence instead of going the way that so many now-independent countries have gone and holding a ratifying referendum after independence. We can dissolve the Union unilaterally.

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    1. I agree with your passionate response Lorna.

      I would simply add that I think that ‘pro-Union’ types fall into 2 camps: “knaves” and “fools”:

      The knaves are the ‘unionists come what may’. Those with vested interests whose families have done well out of the Union. In the main these comprise both ‘Scottish Unionists’ and émigrés from south of the border. Essentially, they are the British Nationalists. As you correctly say, they will never be convinced.

      The fools are those who are either conned e.g. EU No-voting residents (how foolish were they?), are too busy with the minutiae of their lives and struggling to get by (i.e. the breakfast cereal munchers) or those with some misplaced sense of loyalty to the UK (mostly Labour working class voters who rate camaraderie with those of similar social status in Liverpool, Manchester, etc).

      My belief and hope is that there are many more fools than knaves and these are the ones that we a) should be trying to convert and b) need to convince if we are to regain our independence.

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  4. It is depressing Peter very depressing but sadly for most of these people it’s the default position to back the union because it’s all they know and it’s just too much effort to consider anything else

    I genuinely despair of these so caled Scots but at least according to this poll they’re the minority now and although they may be standing between me and a brighter future for my children & grandchildren when we win our independence these sad ambitionless cretins won’t factor in my life anymore


  5. I agree there are knaves and that there are fools (sadly). However, there is another species of Unionist – the one who identifies as “British”. I, Peter and you I suspect would identify as Scottish, but not everyone does. I recall a conversation, just before the last referendum, with a Professor I worked for at one time. His reply to my question how he would vote – “No”- didnt surprise me. However, in reply to the inevitable follow up, “why?” was “because I feel British”. There is a constituency who think this way – I would hazard the guess that there are more of them among the older sections of our community, particularly those who lived through WW2 and have – however irrationally – a longing for the days when “we beat the Nazis and saved Europe”. This is not to say that all old people think this way, of even all those who lived through WW2, but this group does exist, and its important to be aware that their views are not driven by personal interest (knaves – though its interesting to note that Sir Nicolas McPherson, formerly of the Treasury and who took a very non-Civil Service role in the 2014 vote, now he has retired, has written at least two articles suggesting the independence might not be a bad thing – but because he can see him and his making a few bob out of it – quite a few bob!). or because they dont have the “right information”, are too busy. Their world view simply starts from “the UK”. Their judgement is not a matter of rationality – its fundamental to how they see the world.
    One last thing – mainly directed at Peter – I have a cocker spaniel, a very gentle wee dog who I suspect if ever in a fight wouldnt know what to do and wouldnt defend himself. This is a worry, but – and I am about to get to the point – reflecting on this, I realised that if there is a normal distribution of aggression, my boy is at the far, not aggressive at all end, but there is a dog somewhere that is as aggressive as he is not. My point – for every Peter Bell, there will be a Unionist with similarly strong views, Peter. Its just part of life. Please dont dwell on it.

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