How mad are BritNats?

ni_terror1Andrew Lilico has done no more than explicitly express a sentiment that has always been a significant element of Brexiteer/British Nationalist ideology. A reckless disregard for the Good Friday Agreement has long been evident. But is it right to assume this to mean that they would be content to ‘lose’ Northern Ireland? There is an alternative implication that is rather more troubling. Namely, that they are assuming the British state has the capacity to deal with the consequences of a breakdown in the arrangements which have brought welcome but fragile peace to the occupied counties.

Given the all too evident belligerence of these British Nationalists, can we confidently discount the possibility that they envisage a ‘military solution’ to any resumption of violence? We know how dangerously deluded these people are. The Brexit fiasco has revealed how ‘ideologically committed’ they are to the idea of British exceptionalism. There is little effort made to conceal their fantasies of a return to a ‘glorious’ imperial past. Does this betoken a willingness to relinquish what they regard as British territory? Or does it, rather, suggest a determination to maintain Britannia’s jealous grasp of her possessions at any cost?

And, if British Nationalists are thinking in terms of securing Northern Ireland for the British state by force of arms, what might this imply for their attitude towards and intentions for Scotland?

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2 thoughts on “How mad are BritNats?

  1. I am in agreement with most of what you say here, Mr Bell, and I certainly wouldn’t put it past them to use force, if necessary (as they see it). Where I would diverge from your analysis in is the use of ‘British’. These people are not British; the NI DUP is not British; the only use of British is in the fact that we all share the British Isles. Brexit, from start to finish, is English Nationalism writ large, and those who advocate it above all else, are English Nationalists.

    People on the Continent see this very clearly. English Nationalists do not view NI, Scotland or even Wales as anything other than inferior ‘colonies’ to be used and abused at will – their will. What is really frightening is that so many, both in NI and in Scotland, are so in thrall to the concept of ‘Britishness’ that they would happily watch while we all are hammered into a shape none of us occupies with ease.

    Many in NI, Scotland and Wales are British in the sense that they dare not be anything else because their entire sense of ‘self’ is welded into that purely English concept of Britishness. There is no such thing as Scottish Britishness, or NI Britishness or Welsh Britishness. These ideas are simply elements of Stockholm Syndrome or, in many cases, a wilful adherence to a past that never actually existed. That is what the 2014 NO vote told us very clearly, but we are so terrified of being stamped as anti-English that we actually aid and abet this ‘colonialism’.

    I prefer to call it Stockholm Syndrome, because it displays all the criteria of that condition, especially the main one of being totally unaware of having the viral infection that it is. What these people see is a British State that is pure and natural and, therefore, perfectly sustainable and desirable. No matter how many times NI British parties are told that various Westminster administrations have attempted to dump them on Eire, they refuse to believe it. We, in Scotland, are coming very close now to having that same intransigent mindset. If anything, our situation is even more perilous because so much of what keeps the cogs of the ‘UK’ (England) working are in Scotland. This is what the NO voters bequeathed us.

    Please let us not let them away with claiming to be ‘British’: they are English Nationalists, even if they are not English in origin, because that is what the British establishment is; it is English Nationalism (and that has always been the bane of these isles throughout the centuries) that ‘collaborators’ from the three ‘Celtic’ fringe nations (therefore, immediately inferior) keep afloat in the political sense because they are afforded a status they would never achieve in their own domains. The Emperor is wearing no clothes, but who is willing or able to tell these ‘collaborators’ the truth.

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