Don’t juggle jobbies!

brian_wilsonCarolyn Leckie writes in The National about one of the British ruling elite’s most dutiful servants. I haven’t read any of Brian Wilson’s bilious outpourings for at least a year or two – possibly more. I do, however, recall the shrill nastiness of columns pulsing with a hatred so visceral one could almost taste and smell it. The animus oozing out of the page like a noxious miasma rising from some putrid bog made even Alan Cochrane’s demented diatribes seem like light reading. I remember thinking that, if even a tenth part of Wilson’s snarling, spittle-flecked rage was genuine, this was someone in urgent need of counselling. And an individual in even more pressing need of being avoided.

This is what I determined to do. I simply stopped reading that stuff. It’s not as if it was informative about anything other than the workings of a mind afflicted by virulent British Nationalist fanaticism. One doesn’t go to the likes of Brian Wilson looking for insightful analysis or thoughtful commentary. The only reason for consuming such bitter fare is to replenish stocks of dumb prejudice and recharge the batteries of bigotry.

I am better off without it. Because that kind of obnoxiousness is pernicious. It contaminates all who come into contact with it. Wilson and his odious ilk write purposefully to provoke an extreme reaction. The mindless hate rubs off on you as you read. You may be tempted to respond in kind. But even if you simply turn away from the vitriol in disgust, you will be tainted by it. The stench of it will cling to to you. The poison will seep into your mind.

I have lately learned the benefits of ignoring British Nationalist propaganda. Being aware of its methods arms one against its manipulative power. Disregarding it completely renders one immune to its effects. I don’t read Brian Wilson’s column any more. I used to take some satisfaction from writing acerbic below-the-line ripostes to the likes of Wilson and Cochrane. Then I realised that this was clever in the same way that juggling jobbies is clever. The skill may be impressive. But the stink lingers.

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3 thoughts on “Don’t juggle jobbies!

  1. Exactly Peter. Why waste your valuable time reading the outpourings of a septic , twisted moron. Same goes for that other British creep Michael Kelly. Both their minds are poisoned to the extent that rational thinking is utterly impossible.

    The two of them should be ignored completely.


  2. What really worries me is that this type of so-called ‘Unionism’ is very much akin to that which used to be de rigeur in Northern Ireland and looks to be set for a comeback with Arlene Foster and the DUP. Since 2014, its virulence has been even more noticeable. I really do believe we have a fundamentalist problem in Scotland with what has all the appearance of being ‘Unionist’ unhingedness. It knows no boundaries. I have noticed a trend, too, in newspaper under-article comments: a so-called ‘Unionist’ troll appears – and The National is also becoming infected – who then goes on to spew insults like confetti. When you try to engage in a resaonable manner he – it is usually a ‘he’ – engages with you in order to make extremely disparaging remarks about you and/or the independence movement, then casually accuses you of being a ‘leprous cybernat’, ‘a bubble-heid’ or worse, and screams that he does not wish to engage with you in future, leaving the impression that you have said something very derogatory about him in a ‘cybernat fashion’. I think these people are plants from SiU or a similar organization. It seems very co-ordinated. Their game, of course, is to force people with nationalist or independence leaning to quit the newspaper by accusing him or her of ‘cybernatism’. I know we don’t want to live in an echo chamber but what is the point of commenting on even an independence-supporting paper if hysterical and utterly false accusations are made to push you out? I used to comment in The Scotsman, a newspaper I had read from an early age, but no more. I no longer even read the paper itself. I realize that we shouldn’t engage with trolls, but, when they disparage your every word and deliberately misunderstand and misinterpret what you are saying, it is hard not to get angry.

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