Crazy talk

escher.pngThe language here is all wrong. Both Theresa May and the media are talking about her extending the transition period as if it was something she could simply choose to do. In fact, she would have to secure the agreement of the EU for any such extension. And it shouldn’t be assumed that such agreement would be forthcoming.

As is their wont, the British political elite behave with that vaunting sense of entitlement that others find so ugly and irksome. If it’s what they want or what suits them then, on that basis alone, it must be their due. And should they not be afforded, immediately and without question, that which they arrogantly assume to be their entitlement, petulant tantrums will ensue.

There is another problem with the language. Something which speaks, not to the British establishment’s sense of entitlement, but to the delusional stupidity of the British political elite. Note how May refers to an extension of the Brexit implementation period as a “solution” to the troublesome matter of Northern Ireland and the British state’s land border with the EU. One very obvious reason the EU might well refuse such an extension is that, of course, it solves nothing. All it does does is further postpone the moment when the British Government is forced to admit that it has no solution to offer. Because there is no solution!

Actually, that’s not quite true. There is a solution. Membership of the EU is the solution. As the British establishment is belatedly realising – having fallen into the trap of believing its own Europhobic propaganda – the EU has been the solution to a raft of issues over the past four or five decades. Not always a perfect solution. But a working solution. The Mad Brexiteers decided to throw away all of those solutions having given not so much as a moment’s thought to what would replace them.

Dragging out the Brexit process is neither a solution nor a path to a solution. To claim it as such is like insisting you can make three dimensional sense of a two dimensional Escher drawing if you just stare at it a bit longer. It is the claim of an idiot. It is the language of an imbecile.

It is the language of British politics.

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6 thoughts on “Crazy talk

  1. Peter

    I am worried this delaying is deliberate.

    Westminster appears to want to drop the worst news on the public with no real notice. I thought they would be caught out in November and now the EU is indicating it is willing to go past Christmas.

    The longer Westminster pushes any Brexit decision the less time for people to organise against it. The blatant moronic excuses and hail Mary options serve to give the media an angle and also split any protest….with those who buy that there are still options.


  2. Peter,

    We have a very serious problem here.

    Stupid people are too stupid to realise they’re stupid.
    Explaining to them that they’re stupid won’t work, because they’re too stupid to understand that they’re stupid.
    The only option left is to disregard the stupid and move on to forge our own path.

    Civil disobedience is the only way forward. Cripple every UK institution with passive resistance and indifference until they will collapse under the weight of their own stupidity.

    A well coordinated, EU wide campaign where Sovereign Scots – and like-minded English, Welsh, Irish and others – publicly deny UK institution any leverage or right, and EU groups, businesses, governments stop listening to Westminster.

    Sidestepping the stupid, we will restore the natural order of things.

    I’ve already started… Don’t be afraid, it’s fun.

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  3. I think May is following the only strategy open to her seeing as she’s faced with an impossible task, simply buy time and hope that something turns up. Wasn’t it said that a week is a long time in politics? A year is vast space by comparison. Who knows what might happen? At worst, a change of government would at least remove her from the hot seat, and so from much of the blame if it all goes badly. Ireland could re-unite, or Brexit be reversed, by a people’s vote maybe. A cunning strategy or simply caught in the headlights of reality? To be continued … 😉


    1. The rubber meets the road.

      In their rush to escape the new EU Tax rules they missed the details.

      Brexit Or The Union they can’t have both. They are caught in a legal snare.

      This is why there is a delay getting the Withdrawal Agreement sorted and why there is a NEW Act of Union going through the House of Lords. They intend to get us to accede to rescinding our Sovereignty or at least to delegating it to Westminster..

      It’s also why snackbeard, truthiness and snarlene are getting fidgety.

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  4. Spot on article.
    The EU negotiators – not the representative parliaments of the remaining 27 EU member states or the EU Council of Ministers or the EU parliament – are offering May an extension as some kind of favour, to allow the UK more time to negotiate a trade deal if and when these talks ever start. Remember, the Irish border issue is a matter that must be resolved as part of the initial withdrawal agreement. It will not be part of the trade negotiations, according to what the EU has been saying for offer 2 years. The UK of course want to have the Irish border matter in the trade talks so that it can be used as a bargaining chip. But as the EU are putting ‘Ireland first’ then no dice Mrs May.
    I agree that these there is no solution since only 2 out of the following 3 are compatible given the parties who have influence in these areas:
    1. United Kingdom (that includes Northern Ireland).
    2. Good Friday Agreement (with soft border).
    3. Brexit (without Single Market or Customs Union membership).
    The DUP won’t agree to 1. The EU won’t agree to 2. The British won’t agree to 3.
    Looks like No (Withdrawal) Agreement and No (Trade) Deal then.

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