Media wars

Wings Over ScotlandThe stuff about the BBC targeting accounts “irrespective of the political views of the infringing YouTube channels” is obvious drivel. But if it’s true that they act on complaints then it would be interesting to know whether the actions against Stu Campbell and Peter Curran were prompted by specific complaints. And even more interesting to discover the source of those complaints.

There is no doubt that the British political elite is seriously concerned about the Yes movement’s continuing dominance in alternative media. A dominance which may even be increasing as production standards improve and as patterns of media consumption change. New technologies are coming online; technical and presentational skills are being developed; funding streams are becoming more reliable, all as the audience for alternative news, analysis and commentary is growing.

As alternative media outlets get better, they get more authoritative. They carry more weight – even as trust in traditional media plummets.

No wonder the British establishment is worried. The old media have long been both its armour and its armoury. They have been the shield protecting the chosen from scrutiny and guilty from accountability. They have been they sword wielded against any who presume to challenge established power. That armour is corroded and cracked. That sword is dull and damaged. The old media simply isn’t as effective as it once was. And the skills required to repair it have been lost to the ravages of corporate ‘rationalisation’.

Power being relative, it stands to reason that, lacking the means to recover the potency of its own propaganda machine, the British establishment will have no choice but to try and diminish the influence of alternative media. The attacks on Stu Campbell and Peter Curran should be viewed in the light of the British state’s imperative to control the flow of information and maintain it’s capacity for manipulating public perceptions.

Shutting down the Wings Over Scotland and Moridura YouTube channels is just the British establishment testing its strength. Once a process is verified and precedents are established, more will follow. As the old media forces falter and fall to the new media guerrillas, the British state mobilises a mercenary army of lawyers.

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20 thoughts on “Media wars

  1. Many good points made and I agree with your fundamental point.Unfortunately, I think you'll be shouting yourself hoarse about it. We live in an increasingly sound-bite driven world where headlines are what count (Stu Campbell did a good article on this the other year).Keep up the good fight.


  2. I know Stu shares my frustration with the \”sound-bite driven world\”. But I like to think articles such as this get through to at least one or two people.


  3. Of course the huge irony here that will be totally lost on you guys is that one of the biggest censors of the online independence media is the fake Rev himself as he operates a blocklist which he calls “The WOS Scottish Universal Twitter Enhacer.” The number of blocked twitter users runs into the thousands, and he advertises this list free to use for other nationalists who would prefer that their tweeted nonsense receive as little criticised scrutiny as possible. Several MPs & MSPs avail themselves of this facility. Ditto Campbell’s Facebook page… dare challenge any of his assertions (read that as *lies*) on his Wings Over Bath page, the dressing-gowned one simply blocks straight away…..hey presto! …no one can disagree with him.
    The man is an utter hypocrite.


    1. Blocking someone on a personal level, be it on Twitter or your own website is a whole lot different to the state broadcaster taking the political decision to bring down entire YouTube channels. Remove your blinkers, mate.


  4. Blocking is not censoring. The sheer numbers of trolls cause a huge waste of time, so blocking leaves time to communicate with the people who know that what Stu communicates is not lies, but a clearing of vision.

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    1. You should be aware that the individual you are addressing is a British Nationalist troll and more deserving than most to be on a block-list. We keep it as a reminder of just how stupid and boring British Nationalist fanatics can be..

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    2. Like it, like it! So the BBC and/or YouTube decided to clear THEIR vision? And when Stu tells people that -for one example- the UK will continue to pay for Scottish pensions upon indy, it ain’t a downright blatant huge whopper of a lie, what he is actually doing is also a “clearing of vision?”
      You are Alastair Campbell and I claim my 10/-


      1. Sometimes we need reminding (not very often though) of just how thick some unionist trolls are.


  5. Peter,

    If it means I need to take 5 minutes out of my time to comment on here, just to prove that Yoon troll wrong, it is time I am more than happy to spend.

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  6. Stunningly, what some people (like Mr BritNat here) fail to comprehend is that today it is pro-Independence bloggers/supporters being targeted, but tomorrow and further down the line it may be Corbyn supporters. EU supporters, people against privatisation of the NHS etc. In other words, if they ‘get away’ with this anyone who disagrees with the government of the time/establishment/BBC will be fair game.

    Anyone with any sense (regardless of their current political views) should see this as a very concerning act by the BBC & YouTube.

    ‘First they came for etc’.

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      1. Peter,

        It was interesting to see what the “Morbidly insecure’s” talking points were. You can gage the degree of orchestration and increasing fear depending on the absurdity or vacuousness of their claims.

        Looking into the stream of bilge is bit of “forewarned is forearmed” with the added hope to see if there are any people open to real discussion and potential persuasion. But I agree, it is really hard to take too much of it.

        All the best.


  7. Peter more concerning is the level of nastiness and lies that geacher is willing and eager to spout , discussion of any subject can be enhancing and enlightening , no one knows EVERYTHING , but when you have brit nat trolls whose only interest is in disrupting a post then it becomes tiresome and time wasting . There is a raging nutjob brit nat over on Scot goes Pop and ALL he does is insult and demean , there is no positivity or discussion in his posts just continuous bile yet James still allows his comments
    No one wants to feel that they are in an echo chamber comment is good , even when those comments disagree with your beliefs , I can accept that people may believe that the union is working but they never produce their reasoning or proof behind that assumption , whereas independence supporters can supply chapter and verse proof that it is not

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  8. Also forgot to mention , I personally limit my visits to Scot goes Pop due to this rancid nutjobs spewing , I find James’s site very informative and his views enlightening but I feel that his acceptance of this twats ravings is diminishing his site


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