Scotland’s champion

james_wolffeIt is interesting that James Wolffe QC “wants the case thrown out right at the start”. Does this indicate at last the sense of urgency that many of us have been seeking from the SNP administration? It would be gratifying to think so.

Be that as it may, we can certainly welcome the tone of the Lord Advocate’s submission to the UK Supreme Court. It represents an explicit and forceful challenge to the arrogantly assumed supremacy of Westminster and the idea that the British ruling elites can dispose of Scotland as they please. It may be seen as asserting on behalf of the Scottish Parliament a democratic legitimacy which Westminster lacks. Behind the legalese lies the simple claim that the Scottish Parliament truly speaks for Scotland in a way that Westminster never can.

This is important. This is crucial. Our Parliament is the foundation on which our democracy is built. It is the soil from which has grown Scotland’s distinctive political culture. It is the guardian of our precious public services. It is the guarantor of our right of self-determination. The facilitator of our capacity to choose the form of government which best serves the needs, priorities and aspirations of Scotland’s people.

The people of Scotland are sovereign. The Scottish Parliament gives agency to that sovereignty. It is the alternative – and the antidote – to the structures of power, privilege and patronage which define the British state. It is what stands between us and the anti-democratic British Nationalist ‘One Nation’ project. It must be defended by every means available to us. It must be defended in the courts. If necessary, it must be defended on the streets.

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9 thoughts on “Scotland’s champion

  1. A short post but a truly excellent one Peter. Not a word wasted. A fine summation of the situation at present.

    James Wolfe QC takes the right approach as you say. No submissiveness. There are some in the upper echelons of the indy movement who still are too preoccupied with being ‘respectable’ and playing by Westminster’s rules. That time has gone. Never to return. From now we assert.

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  2. I can’t for the life of me work out why it takes till October to make a decision on a 2 day hearing. Unless of course a nod and a wink situation , delaying tactics. We should have the decision after the hearing. They have had three months to prepare for what essentially is a simple question of sovereignty and democracy.

    The SNP are preparing for a short indy-ref campaign. They have said they need to get the timing right. This is the rumour on the twittersphere!

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  3. I echo your sentiments Peter and I fervently hope that Wolffe’s tone of intransigence and right is not acting , as many have stated on this and other blogs , we Scots yessers are heartily sick of the denigration and contempt heaped on us and our representatives daily by this shower of brutish nationalists . As you have stated many many times these ars**ipes only get away with this pish because we let them , irrespective of the SC decision let’s leave them in no doubt , we will nullify the treaty of union and remain within the EU as the successor state


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