I despair!

referendum_2018_petitionIn all this talk of postponing the new referendum, whether it be until 2019 or 2021 or 2022, I see no explanation of how those commending delay propose to deal with the measures that the UK Government will surely implement in order to make a referendum impossible or unwinnable or both. It’s as if they think the British state is a benign entity which is just going to sit back and wait until we get our act together. It’s as if they are dumbly unaware that locking Scotland into a unilaterally redefined political union is one of the principal imperatives driving British policy.

How do we even know there will be any Holyrood elections in 2021? How do we know there will be any Scottish Parliament in 2021? And, even if it is allowed to survive while the Postponers are warming their fiddle-fingers at the bonfire of Scotland’s democracy, how can anyone even begin to imagine that it won’t have been stripped of the power to call a referendum?

At a minimum, all the British political elite would have to do is transfer powers over the franchise to the new unelected and unaccountable shadow administration under David Mundell.

But STILL the Postponers have absolutely nothing to say about such matters. They are so wrapped up in trying to think of ways to game the British political system it never occurs to them that there is actually no reason at all why we should be playing according to the rules of that system.

Worse! They genuinely seem to suppose that the ‘right time’ for a new referendum will just magically emerge from conditions which – by THEIR choice! – are all but entirely determined by forces that are intractably opposed to the people of Scotland EVER being permitted to exercise their right of self-determination.

I despair!

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12 thoughts on “I despair!

  1. Peter worryingly Keith Brown is geared up for a GE. However not geared up for a referendum. We lost all those mps the last time because a lot of SNP supporters had no reason to vote.

    Getting another 6 mps back is great but what is the purpose. How are they going to make any difference. Why are the SNP not tagging independence onto the manifesto.

    Keith talks about a referendum in 1 or 2 years time. That to me is crazy talk. SEPTEMBER 2019 IS TOO LATE!What the hell are the SNP playing at!

    They think they can drift along like this for years and that will increase their chances. They need a good shape.

    Use the mandate!

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    1. In fairness the SNP do have to be ready for a snap General Election, and since the next scheduled GE is in 2022, but Holyrood in 2021, if they were only planning for elections they’d be talking about the Holyrood election not the GE. Hence it must be a snap one they’re talking about, jist in case.

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  2. If the SNP are not careful, they are going to lose a lot of support from within their ranks. I can understand the reasoning ay ear ago that Nicola didn’t want to say anything …just let the masses watch Brexit unfold and then come to their own conclusions. To a degree, that concept still stands since Brexit remains a complete and utter dogs dinner. Nothing truly has been decided yet.

    And yet …that silence is becoming a millstone around the SNP’s neck. In truth, Nicola and Co should be going after Ruth Davidson and her Party at this time. Ruth made a big thing about ‘standing up for Scotland’s rights’ during the 2016 elections. Since then, she has backtracked, fibbed, deceived, gone hiding, gone on the Great British Bake-off …and done nothing for Scotland. If ever there was a ton of ammunition lying about to bury Ruth and the Scottish Tories as well as have the Scottish electorate sit up and at least demand answers of Ruthie …then this would be that time. Still …nothing.

    And that is a growing problem. Because if the electorate see Nicola doing nothing, then slowly, but surely, the electorate will begin to accept Brexit and all its consequences. This is the worst thing that the SNP can allow to happen. It would allow SLAB to grow in confidence within Holyrood knowing that the SNP and Tories will be blamed for allowing Brexit to happen.

    Silence in the early stages of Brexit was fine. But now …well, at times, just like at the moment …silence can also be perceived as quiet acceptance of the status quo. Nicole Sturgeon needs to beware that she has not been caught in a trap of her own making.

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    1. @JLT

      Agree. SNP is staking its wider support at the moment.

      Normally the SNP give cover to the wider YES movement and the Social Democratic tendencies of the Scottish population. However, perhaps this time what is required is “YES” to be providing cover for the political arm of they independence movement.

      The SNP have a very specific job in the current threat level. They are now your only real political weapon…This time SNP will probably need to call a referendum without Westminster’s approval or even more drastic dissolve the union as a UDI. They will need clear air to do this without giving Westminster and their media supporters room to swamp their actions. Even though they have been in government for over a decade, you need them to be above local political squabbles in the final act of independence to ensure you get every non-SNP yes vote. (I hope like heck they have been working in the background to line up international support)

      If they are not able to do deliver an independence referendum in time – their claim to be a party of independence may be shot for ever. For us, it is positive to be creating the public push for SNP action but it is more important at the same time be out campaigning in full force. YES can not wait for the SNP and more importantly YES needs to provide the SNP the all important majority for dissolving the Union.

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  3. I repeat the referendum needs to be by March 19. This casual talk of a few years seems to ignore the clear and present danger.

    We are not in normal circumstances. We are in an emergency situation. Emergencies require immediate action. We don’t have 2 years to quite frankly fanny around with polls and projects. That time is gone!

    Of course if the UK crashes out in January next year then UDI would be the emergency route . A referendum could be done later on to agree the terms of independence.

    We are 7 months from the end folks. The SNP need to have all their ducks in a row . After March Scotland will be alone in bed with a monster.

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  4. Keith Brown’s own article in The National mentions General Election and referendum, whereas Kathleen Nutt’s only really mentions the GE. You have to wonder if that’s just a case of emphasis by the journalist, or a deliberate moving down of the Referendum in importance.

    Anyways, what the SNP should realise is that they will lose a massive amount ot support if they betray their own 2017 manifesto which says that a material change such as Brexit dragging Scotland out of the EU is a reason for the Referendum. We would need a new Independence Party, but that wouldn’t happen for some years.

    Meanwhile the SNP would be down to 2 MPs at Westminster becuase who cares any more, and maybe a dozen MSPs at Holyrood. They’d be down to 1980 levels of support, just the party faithfull.

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  5. If the UK Supreme Court declares the Scottish Parliament’s Continuity Bill to be illegal then it means that court has subjugated Scots Law to English Law. Something it has no right to do under the Treaty of Union.

    Brexit is disastrous, but it is in reality a distraction from the attempt by Westminster to completely nullify the Treaty of Union. No further legal or moral grounds are required for the Scottish Parliament to seek recognition internationally that the constitutional and legal basis of Scotland’s union with England has been utterly disregarded.

    Failing to act now and assert independence would mean Scottish politicians giving the wrong signals to Scotland’s populace. The traducing of the Treaty of Union would bit by bit become normative. The mega tsunami of Britnat propaganda and formal and informal intimidation that would surely follow would hugely reduce Scotland’s ability to throw off these shackles and find freedom.

    Reducing the Tory seats in Scotland is no solution to the power grab. The Tories were reduced to 1 Commons seat in Scotland in 2015. That did nothing to halt the project to dismantle devolution. It had the opposite effect and the project was stepped up a gear. Brexit meant it was stepped up further. Thinking that Scotland can be now protected by an election result is pitifully naïve and downright stupid and blinkered. Scotland needs tiger political leaders, not ostriches. If the politicians don’t want to do it then the people must.

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  6. There’s a simple answer. If the SNP thought there was a better than even chance of winning another referendum they would be pushing for it.



    It is unclear to me who among their core vote the SNP think will be voting for them on May 6 2021 if they have not at least delivered Indyref2. The referendum can fail and the SNP can survive as a viable force. If it does not deliver on its promise and the mandate given to it by the People in 2016, then I think it will be judged unfit to lead the independence movement. As a political force it will be spent.

    The Party’s nomenklatura may think it can maintain support believing nationalists have nowhere else to go. But the truth is nationalists will surely feel that if in the midst of a perfect storm of a hard brexit, Tory incompetence, Labour indolence, and Westminster arrogance, the SNP bottled it, and could not deliver on their sole reason being, then there are no set of circumstances in which “that shower” are anything other than a waste of space.

    The less charitable might speculate that a critical mass of the Party hierarchy and their apparatchiks have grown “comfortable”, and while they may not have yet gone native some are in the process of doing so.


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