It’s all bad

brown_envelopeWherever these latest tales of corruption involving the British political parties may go, can we all please try to avoid falling for the old ‘one-off’ scam in which each successive incident is portrayed as a unique, isolated, exceptional development. There will be efforts to divorce the nascent ‘dark money’ scandal from all the other scandals that litter the history of the British political system. From recent examples such as Cambridge Analytica and Jeremy Hunt’s property dealings through innumerable expenses scandals to Cash for Access, Cash for Influence, Cash for Honours, more dodgy property dealings, more expenses scandals and countless other instances of ‘irregularities’ relating to party donations – the story of British politics is a story of avarice, venality and immorality. And that’s only going back a decade or so.

As related by the British media, each of these scandals is a ‘one-off’. It’s the same with the serial failures of the capitalist system. Each such failure is carefully compartmentalised. All links between and among the accounts are severed or, at least, blurred into invisibility. The public must not be allowed to discern a pattern. They must be prevented from recognising the continuum of corruption. They must not be permitted to see systemic corruption; only a few ‘bad apples’ and the odd ‘exceptional occurrence’.

Let’s not be fooled any more. Let’s recognise that the British political system is rotten to the core. Let’s accept that the only way to make a better politics is to make a fresh start. And the best way to do that is to #DissolveTheUnion.

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One thought on “It’s all bad

  1. Exactly this. Well said Peter.

    When Theresa May’s answer to being asked about the Tories getting the maximum fine from the electoral commission was along the lines of ‘we paid it’ and ‘everyone does it’, thinking those were acceptable, moral, answers to give the voting public, shows just how much they don’t care. They seem to assume the rules are there for breaking, as long as you are already privileged. The confusing thing is that a lot of people, a large proportion of the voting (uk) public seem to think this is absolutely fine – if the Tories can’t win fair and square they should not be allowed to win, or you might as well have anarchy.

    Only solution is to dissolve the union, move on to a better political structure hopefully, and even more hopefully much stricter rules & punishment for those that break the rules. For too long those people with power, privilege & reponsibilty have found it easy to wriggle out of taking responsibility as part of this corrupt UK system.


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