Gawd! Not another nippy Nat rummaging around looking for some petty grievance to whine about! As a lawyer Joanna Cherry should be aware that there is a perfectly adequate precedent for making foreigners foot the bill for checks to ensure they’re fit to live in Great Britain. She should know that, when Jews were being transported by rail to places like Auschwitz during the so-called ‘Holocaust’, the Reichsbahn made them pay their fares like any other passengers.

As in the case of the British government’s charges for processing EU nationals wanting to enjoy the advantages of living in our wonderful country, children got to travel for half fare, Just as the British government is letting some of these people off without paying, the Reichsbahn offered generous group discounts.

To anybody other than these bloody-minded separatists who want to break up the great English nation, this would all seem totally reasonable. After all, why should hard-pressed British taxpayers be forced to fork out to help these people remain here and enjoy our famous English hospitality? It’s not as if they aren’t getting a bargain. They’ll soon recoup the cost of processing their applications thanks to our generous benefit system.

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10 thoughts on “Britspeak

    1. OK, sorry, missed the link first time round.

      But I still don’t see what this has to do with the SNP, at least this side of Indy.

      In any case, despite supposedly being an EU citizen (for now at least), I can’t even visit the EU apart from Ireland, without paying for a full international passport, so small wonder most Brits don’t feel ‘European’.


      1. Schengen, dear Marconatrix, Schengen. SOmething the UK decided it didn’t want, a long time back. I’ve seen plenty people crossing European borders using an ID card. And the latest was to/from Italy using ALitalia and Ryanair. The same applied.
        We require full passports because we don’t have ID cards. You might regard that as a good or bad thing. PS does anyone know how much most Europeans pay for their ID cards?


        1. I know. My feeling has always been that from the POV of the individual (as opposed to traders/business etc.) we should have taken the EU seriously and jumped in with both feet as it were, or else stayed right out of the whole thing. The existing sort-of in / sort-of not arrangement made no real sense and I’m sure fuelled Brexit.
          Not that I much like ID cards, but then we still have to prove our ID now and again, and all carry all sorts of cards anyway these days, that an official one probably wouldn’t be too great an imposition. Though I don’t much like the idea of giving the state my ‘biometrics’, it just feels too much like they’d be stealing my soul!


  1. Regardless of the rights or wrongs of the scheme, to compare it to the holocaust is just total crass. The Jews paid alright, but with their lives. You should be ashamed of this post. Idiot.


    1. If this clown had ever read a book, he would probably have supposed Jonathan Swift was seriously suggesting in A Modest Proposal that the children of the poor be sold as a gourmet delight for the rich. Try not to embarrass yourself any further, fool.


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