Break the rules

mundellDavid Mundell seems to have a knack for revealing the British state’s true purpose. He doesn’t appear able to conceal the British Nationalists’ contempt for Scotland – and for democracy. Or maybe he just doesn’t care who knows. Perhaps he and his associates are sufficiently confident of their power that they see no point any longer in subtlety or subterfuge. They are set upon rushing northwards to crush those rebellious Scots, and it doesn’t matter that we know they’re coming, because we can do nothing to stop them. Or we won’t even try.

One can understand this confidence. After all, Scotland has accepted British rule for centuries. We’ve let the British state use our wealth and our resources and our people and allowed ourselves to be convinced that we should be proud of our sacrifice, content with the impositions and grateful for the governance which, by the British state’s own account, has left us depleted and impoverished and stripped of the capacity to be a normal nation.

David Mundell feels perfectly justified in declaring that Scotland is “not a partner of the United Kingdom; Scotland is part of the United Kingdom”. He can readily claim that this is what we voted for in 2014. He can claim whatever he wants about the meaning of that No vote because it was a vote to give the British state licence to define what it meant. Thus, it was a vote to allow the British political elite to do whatever they want with Scotland. No wonder David Mundell thinks he needn’t take the trouble to sugar the pill. No wonder he doesn’t feel the need to try and persuade us we’re being embraced when, in fact, we’re being crushed.

The fate of the Scottish Parliament was sealed back in 2007. When Scotland’s voters took control of their Parliament from the British parties and handed it to the SNP, the British establishment realised that the devolution experiment had failed. Rather than killing the independence cause “stone dead”, it had enabled Scotland to develop a distinctive political culture. Rather than being an instrument of the British state, as was intended, the Scottish Parliament had become the locus of a new politics. Rather than serving British interests, Holyrood was finding and implementing measure tailored to Scotland’s needs. Rather than being slave to the British state, the Scottish Parliament had become the servant of Scotland’s people.

This could not be tolerated. If Holyrood could not be brought back under the control of the British parties, it would have to be crippled or destroyed.

Those who scoffed at warnings about the British state’s malign intent no longer have any reason to doubt it. David Mundell has been brazenly explicit about the fact that the British state already considers Scotland to have been absorbed into a ‘Greater England. He makes it perfectly plain that, even if Scotland wasn’t ‘extinguished’ by the Union, it has been massively diminished by the subsequent actions of the British political elite.

Now, in the face of a rising tide of democratic dissent, this British government has decided to finish the job and formalise Scotland’s status as part of a British state which is ‘indivisible and indissoluble’. To do this, they must first render the Scottish Parliament powerless. Or get rid of it altogether.

We know this because David Mundell and others are openly boasting about it as if there’s nothing we can do to stop them. But behind the facade of bluster and bravado and mach posturing, they know differently. They know that they only have the power we allow them. They realise that they only have authority over us so long as we recognise that authority.

The British establishment is very aware that, should we choose to challenge that power and defy that authority, the whole edifice will crumble. They are afraid. And well they might be. Because there are growing indications that the people of Scotland have had enough.

We will not rescue Scotland from this British Nationalist onslaught by adhering to rules devised to limit or entirely disable the exercise of our sovereignty. Their rules. The rules the British establishment devises and manipulates to keep us in line. The rules which David Mundell cites as if they were iron laws of nature.

If Scotland is to continue to exist as a nation, we need to break those rules. And we need to do it now.

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12 thoughts on “Break the rules

  1. Exactly Peter. The rules which Westminster makes up as it suits their political agenda.

    I know it’s been said over and over again. We need to grasp the legal opportunity to dissolve the union once everything has been ratified by the EU in September. That’s our way out of this. We can formalize it with a referendum but it must be before March 19.

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  2. They’re out to get us and strip us of our legitimate parliament. The only other explanation would be that they’ve drunk the Kool-Aid and believe the ‘Scotland doesn’t want another divisive referendum’, ‘Ruth Davidson can be next FM’ shtick. And nobody could be that stupid, could they?

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  3. Selective disruption. Break the rules at times for maximum effect, but also use WM’s own ridiculous rules against them (Alex Salmond style). The british nationalists would have great difficulty dealing with such a combination.

    Time for Scotland to show WM just how awkward we can be.

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    1. In a perfect world there’d be a grown-up way to do this, but WM behaves like a kindergarten so sadly we have to stoop to their infantile level to achieve our aim, our freedom no less!

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  4. SPOT ON PETER. One of the best yet in relation to outlining Westminster’s motivations and subsequent actions.

    Wee Davie is going to find out in the very near future that the Scots are Sovereign, unlike English people, and that Scotland is one of only two Kingdoms that constitutes the United Kingdom. When we say our farewells the United Kingdom in fact will no longer exist.

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    1. Imagine the fun when WM unionists realise that Scots dissolving the Union also ends the Uk.

      If the uk is still in the EU (As per the plan) and Scotsgov puts a motion to dissolve to Holyrood due to either the Continuity Bill case subjugating Scots Law, of Brexit subjugating Sovereign Scots express will via plebiscite, then suddenly, there IS NO LONGER an EU member state called the uk as we Scots have dissolved it along with the Union!!

      Scotland’s parting shot on ending the union would be delivering a cliff edge Eu exit for England.

      Sweet sweet irony.


  5. Good to see the walkout and the publicity it generated…’s informed those who were unaware of the devious deeds of Mundell and co…He’s being used as a useful idiot by tessy and will be discarded therefter…fhe snp should link the surge in membership to the show of strength and non compliance of late…well done Ian blackford and co, you played a blinder…Mundell has been shown up as lower than a snakes belly, and that’s being unfair to the reptiles…onwards and upwards…

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  6. Events at PMQs showed how they cant handle disruption in their parliament , The speaker panicked and made a totally wrong decision ,

    The media were immediately all over the story and the word “stunt” emerged as the buzzword , well the “stunt” worked it embarrassed the BBC in Scotland because it exposed the block they put on events of the previous night that brought about the “stunt” .

    Suddenly the BBC in Scotland were exposed because their failure to say anything about tuesday nights farce ,questions were being asked , how did this happen ? what brought about this stramash ? , Cue red faces in Pacific Heights , oh dear dear caught out manipulating the News , Again .dear dear .

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  7. An extremely apposite and timely piece Peter. You’ll nt be surprised to hear that I agree entirely with your assertion that it is long past time that the SNP,stopped playing by the antiquated rules of ‘our imperial,Masters’!
    The tricks of the British Establishment have been exposed for all the world to,see in 2014 to date. The one thing that was obvious to me then and is more likely to be the case in any future plebiscite is that there is no lie so bold and no calumony too severe that the British State and it’s acolytes will not stoop to in order to see off any threat to what it views as its patrimony.
    ipso facto, I don’t particularly care tat werun a nice campaign and lose: I want us to do whatever it takes to ensure that the day after IndieRef2 is a day of joy and celebration and nothing at all like that cold empty feeling I experienced on Friday 19/11/2014.
    To that end the entire Es movement must unite behind a simple platform for Scottish independence. Of course we llhave our own opinions on wha kind of society an independent Scotland would become, but we us not let Unionists trick us into arguing about things that are rightly te province of the first sovereign. Parliament and Government of an independent Scotland. It’s simply nonsense to expect the SNP or indeed anyone else to produce at this remove an entire blueprint for an independent Scotland. On thecurrency issue I believe that it would be more convincing to explain that although we intend to set up a separate independent Scottish currency, but that the exact details will have to be decided against the economic situation pertaining at the time. Anything more definite is offeringup a hostage to fortune. After all the UKis hardly an oasis of tranquility and neither could anyone explain our present existence as living in the land of milk and honey.

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  8. What also sticks in the craw of the Westminster Unionists, is the manner in which the SNP Scottish government, have demonstrated that austerity wasn’t necessary. By the manner in which they have managed the Scottish economy despite the Tory cuts. Providing funding to support folks victimised by the likes of the bedroom tax, for example. Together with free university education. Free prescriptions, free bus travel Etc. Building the biggest construct in recent times, in Scotland . The Queensferry bridge without any financial support whatever, from Westminster. Reopening the Borders Railway. Dualing the A9, Etc. Along with other major infrastructure enterprises. All while balancing a budget, and while running the most efficient NHS in these Islands.
    As thorns in the sides go. Scotland”s government has inflicted great pain when demonstrating that a wee country with limited, and fluctuating, resources. Can really achieve great Social equality. Not absolutely perfect by any means. But that wouldand will come, with full control of all of her resources.

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  9. I also believe that playing by the rules, is no longer in Scotlands best interests. We must use the same means as Westminster is expert at using, as necessary, to gain independence. Everything else can be decided afterwards.

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