Never mind the numbers! Feel the mood!


A good indication of the strength of Scotland’s independence movement was apparent in Glasgow yesterday (Saturday 5 May 2018) when at least 50,000 people marched through the city in support of the cause. For every person who participated in the march there was another standing by the side of the road cheering them on or waving a Saltire from a window or showing their support by sounding their car horn as the procession passed. And for every one of them there was somebody else who, for whatever reason, was unable to be there in person but was certainly there in spirit.

But it’s not just about the numbers. It’s also about the mood. The Yes movement is, without question, as massive as ever. But there is a new mood of determination allied to a growing sense of urgency. As the march amply demonstrated, the Yes movement is rapidly gaining momentum.

Power is relative. The strength of any political movement must be assessed in comparison with the strength of its opposition. While the independence movement is growing in terms of its size, its resolve and its campaigning ability, the British political elite has probably never been in such a state of disarray. The British state is weak.

The Unionist counter-demonstration to the Yes march was tiny. The British Nationalist movement in Scotland has never been very large. Were it not for the collaboration of the British media, it would be insignificant. As people increasingly turn to alternative sources of news, analysis and commentary, the manipulative power of the traditional media diminishes. Without the normalising influence of the British state’s propaganda machine, ‘One Nation’ British Nationalism is exposed as an irrational and incoherent fringe ideology whose adherents, lacking any actual arguments, are reduced to spitting a bitter, resentful hatred which stands in stark contrast to the joyous, aspirational ebullience of the Yes campaign.

How strong is the Scottish independence movement? Strong enough! It has reached the point where it cannot be defeated by democratic means.

People need to think about the implications of that.

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14 thoughts on “Never mind the numbers! Feel the mood!

  1. I do worry about the reactions we may have to endure from the British Establishment in general and the Westminster regime in particular. Rats are most dangerous when they’re caught in a trap, to paraphrase the old saying.

    Right now they are cornered – or rather, they’ve painted themselves into one. We must beware: the regime is not only weak, it is authoritarian, truly nasty, and deeply irrational, and may do all sorts of damage as it flails around in its death throes.

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  2. Given the turnout there can surely be little remaining doubt as to the mood of Scotland. Many indeed could only be there “in spirit” as you say. Mebbie think of us a ghostly army marching alongside all those there “in the flesh” 🙂

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  3. Talk about media bias. The Sunday Herald says that “ugly confrontations marred the event” and contrives a picture showing BritNat demonstrators with Union Jacks on one side and Indy marchers on the other. At first glance the seem almost equally matched, but from what I gather, they must have caught nearly all the ‘Loyalists’ who were there. Am I right? And what FFS is their agenda here?

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    1. I was there and you are right, Marconatrix. There were no more than 20 ‘Loyalists’ there and they are entirely captured in that picture. They were ugly, right enough, but there was no confrontation as march stewards kept independence supporters back. We walked past them singing ‘cheerio, cheerio, cheerio’.

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      1. The Union Jack brigade were indeed no more than a tiny irritant, like a flea attacking an elephant. It would be difficult to actually feel sorry for them, but their faces seemed to show a mixture of misery and fear at the inexplicable and overwhelming phenomenon facing them down.

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    2. I do not believe that we can continue to regard the “Sunday Herald” as being pro-independence. Today’s edition, instead of accurately reporting upon yesterday’s march and filling its pages with commentary on this remarkable event, chose instead to lambast the SNP for not supporting the Lib Dems, and a few Labs, in their calling for a new Brexit referendum.

      At one time I would have agreed, but it is too late now. Even if we have a new Brexit referendum and the result is reversed, Scotland will still be stuck with a Tory government, probably the worse Tory government ever. Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour (a) hasn’t a chance of winning an election and (b) has no intention of even considering Scottish independence.

      Stuff another EU referendum; there is nothing in it for Scotland. Let’s have our independence one!

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    3. I was there and indeed there was only a handful of British nationalist there. We sang Flower of Scotland as we passed them by. There was no trouble as the polis kept them at bay.

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  4. I agree the mood was extraordinary. Everybody seemed to be smiling. But the numbers do matter, for the very good reason that the more tens of thousands there are, the less justification the BBC and the rest of the British propaganda machine have for minimising and ignoring the event.

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  5. I was there with my wife and what a wonderful , uplifting , inclusive , and happy throng of people , even ones who were stuck in the traffic , contrast that with the threatening aggressive undertones of OO walks and you can see why the 20 unionist moronic twats were overwhelmed , I am proud that our marchers saw fit to not engage with these imbeciles and forestalled ANY chance by the msm to inflame grievance , although stupidly the rag that is the SH jumped the shark and proved it’s allegiance is to the union

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