A sick and twisted ambition

ni_terror1It is difficult to fathom the attitude of the British political elite. What is the thinking behind their evident disdain for the Good Friday Agreement? What is the supposed gain which is deemed to be worth the possibility of reigniting bloody conflict in Northern Ireland? What is the ‘end-game’? What is the ultimate objective?

Assuming that those driving the Brexit process have some destination in mind – even if they lack any evident plan for getting there – what might that place look like? Given the huge risks that they are prepared to take, and the sacrifices that they are demanding of all of us, what end could possibly justify the means? What vision so enchants the Mad Brexiteers that they will gamble all to achieve it? What siren song lures them so irresistibly to the rocks and reefs of Brexit?

What manner of ‘Promised Land’ do British Nationalists envisage? What paradise do they see where the rest of us see only several kinds of hell? Obsessive ‘One Nation’ British Nationalism is on the march. But where do they think they are taking us?

Is it possible that they suppose imposing a hard border in Ireland won’t endanger the fragile peace there? Or have they recognised the potentially disastrous consequences and decided that it is a price worth paying for their ‘dream’?

Is it possible that they believe their blatant assault on Scotland’s democratic institutions won’t provoke a serious reaction? Or have they foreseen that reaction and calculated that they have the capacity to deal with it?

What is going on in their minds? What kind of mentality is it which could contemplate a resumption of ‘The Troubles’, and consider it no obstacle to their purpose?

ni_terror2It has been suggested that the British government is being just as reckless with what Theresa May describes as their “precious, precious Union”. It is often said, not without some justification, that the behaviour of the current London administration implies it has no interest in preserving the Union. But this apparent equanimity in the face of renewed terrorist violence and the dissolution of the UK may be suggestive of something other than dumb ignorance of, or disdainful disregard for, consequences. It may be evidence of a prideful faith that the will of the British political elite and the superiority of the British state will always prevail.

What manner of ideology is it which proceeds on the basis of an assumed ability to override the will of the people?

Think about that for a moment. Consider that what inspires these British Nationalists is the notion of a British state under a regime which is capable of crushing a terrorist threat as readily as it can subdue democratic dissent. What kind of regime would that be? What kind of state are they seeking to create?

What sick, twisted ambition is driving the British Nationalist project?

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12 thoughts on “A sick and twisted ambition

  1. I have a dread that what they are doing is playing into the hands of the DUP. If there is a border it makes it much harder for the Irish nationalists to pursue unification. I think the Catholic population now outnumber the protestant population and the constant push for Irishness via the language really worries them. It would be interesting to know how many DUP supporters have applied for an Irish passport to have the best of both worlds…..

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  2. You cant see their plan because you ask a sensible question Peter.
    Chaos is perfectly acceptable to the alt-right.
    Today’s Observer expose clarifies a lot.
    Stewart Lochhead


  3. The MSM is criminally negligent when it comes to informing the Scottish people about this danger. Just as they spun what happened in George Sq on Sep 19th 2014 as a ‘clash’ when it was nothing of the kind, they’re ignoring the ratcheting-up of sectarian tensions and the emergence of quasi-military units attaching themselves to a specific football team. What happened in Kinning Park last week was ignored. Shady outfits such as the Red Front Republic, while masquerading as indy-supporting grass-roots collectives, resemble nothing more than casually dressed squaddies. This may sound like paranoia to some but I’m not the only one who believes that all the pieces are in place for serious organised violence if Indy2 is confirmed. They simply can’t afford to let it happen because they know they’ll lose.

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  4. I unfortunately agree with both Marion and Ian B , the conservative wastemonster govt in their isolationist elitist bubble believe that Scotland doesn’t have the balls for independence and that we can be forced into submission , and that they have the manpower and are willing to use it .And as for Ireland I don’t t think they care either way , if the EU continue to insist on their rules being observed , then treeza just throws her hands in the air and says we tried but we have to consider the bigger populations wishes to brexshit , thereafter the loyalist population would have to consider where to go . And I sincerely hope by that time we are out the UK and we have our own immigration criteria

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  5. My personal view is that any attempt at a second Independence referendum will be blocked by Westminster. This will surely lead to what will be deemed by Unionists an “illegal” plebiscite run by the Scottish Government. In other words, a rerun of the Catalonian situation. Unionists will boycott, of course, to delegitimise the result. Never underestimate the UK state’s capacity and will to preserve itself. They will have observed the situation in Catalonia with interest.


    1. I’m pretty sure all of this will have occurred to Nicola Sturgeon. If the Scottish Government doesn’t consider any of it to be an impediment to the exercise of Scotland’s democratic right of self-determination, I’m not sure why the rest of us should be particularly concerned.

      The comparison with Catalonia is hugely inapt. The constitutional situation is entirely different.

      There will be a referendum. The British state will have no alternative but to recognise the legitimacy of that referendum, and accept the validity of the outcome. Should they refuse, the matter must ultimately go to the courts. And no constitutional court is going to strike down a fundamental democratic right enshrined in the UN charter.

      The greatest obstacles to a new referendum and to extricating Scotland from the Union are those we create in our own minds.


      1. I admire your optimism, but I find it hard to share. What constitutional court could the Scottish Government appeal to? I assume that within the UK, the Supreme Court is the ultimate arbiter. I would not anticipate a sympathetic hearing in that forum. The problem internationally would be that sovereignty lies with the UK in the eyes of the international legal bodies. I doubt the UN would get involved in what would be seen as an internal matter. After Brexit, the European Courts will surely not get involved.

        I can see it getting very messy indeed, but then I’m a total pessimist regarding anything to do with the British State and the way it behaves when its perceived interests are threatened. Time will tell whether I’m wrong this time.


        1. No constitutional court is going to strike down a fundamental democratic right guaranteed by the UN Charter. The only power the British state has over us is the power we allow them.


  6. Peter, just watched the second part of your interview with Jason. Sobering stuff. Here’s hoping there’s a great turn out tomorrow and fair weather for all who make it.


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