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white_queenFor some months now I have been attempting to placate those who have expressed impatience with Nicola Sturgeon by assuring them that she has a plan. A plan which involves letting the British government make the case for the moves she intends to make. Moves such as the introduction of the Continuity Bill. It has been a matter of gradually ramping up the response level as the actions of British Ministers grow more explicitly confrontational.

It’s all about proportionality. For many of us, it was plain enough to see that the British government intended to use the Brexit process as an opportunity to weaken the Scottish Parliament – which British Nationalists regard as a potential obstacle to their ‘One nation’ state; not to mention it being a deterrent to the kind of predatory corporate interests with which the British state will be obliged to do business after Brexit. But this was not necessarily evident to the general public. The First Minister has to be able to explain her actions with reference to things actually said and done by British Ministers.

Not that it will make any difference to the media. They will portray Nicola Sturgeon as the intransigent aggressor regardless. According to the British media, David Lidington didn’t threaten to strip powers from the Scottish Parliament and declare the intention to impose ‘UK-wide common frameworks’ that would eliminate “discrepancies” among the nations of the UK. He didn’t declare, in effect, that it is unacceptable for Scotland to have policies developed for Scotland’s needs and priorities; implemented by a government with a mandate from the Scottish people; scrutinised, amended and approved by a parliament with genuine democratic legitimacy. Instead, we are to have forced on us policies and ‘solutions’ devised by people who are not accountable to the Scottish electorate and whose priorities are those of their masters in London.

And the British media’s spin on this? Nicola Sturgeon ‘rejects’ an ‘offer’ from the UK Government. The FM is perfectly aware that this kind of distortion of the facts cannot be prevented. All she can do is wait long enough for the media’s dishonesty to be apparent to as many people as possible.

The First Minister’s actions may seem to be one step behind the British government. But you can be sure her thinking is several moves ahead. Things are moving inexorably towards a new independence referendum in September 2018. The Yes movement need only stand firm with Nicola Sturgeon and her Ministers. The British political elite will do the rest.

PS – Apart from the stated purpose of the Continuity Bill, who has figured out what else it does?

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14 thoughts on “Queen to…

    1. Needs to be something upon which we can call a referendum ourselves. Something that’s triggered in the Continuity Bill by WM which leads to a breach of the Treaty of Union would be acceptable


      1. There is already a mandate for a new referendum, ratified by the Scottish Parliament. It’s entirely in the First Minister’s hands now. All we can do is continue to demonstrate, as loudly and visibly as possible, that she has our support. The ‘Hands Off Our Parliament’ rally at Holyrood on Friday 23 March will be a great opportunity to demonstrate the strength and solidarity of the Yes movement.

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  1. If successful, won’t the Continuity Bill protect us from INEOS and their fracking plans…. at least long enough for us to ‘Scexit’ the UK?


    1. That’ll have to be won in the courts, I’m afraid. There was always going to be a legal challenge as soon as a ban was imposed rather than a moratorium. Which is why the government resisted calls from idiots who wanted an all out ban years ago. Time was needed to build the best case possible.

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  2. This is going all the way to the International courts because the SNP, oh sorry, the Scottish Government will not be backing down.

    I just wonder if WM will find a way to climb down gracefully? Nah, they don’t do “gracefully”.


  3. Patience is a virtue and as you have stated previously Peter, it will pay off handsomely. It is satisfying to rain on Westminster’s parade.

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  4. The continuity bill will also send a very clear message to the EU27 as to where Scotland is politically . I hope that they , as and when appropriate , can send out clear signals that Scotland would be facilitated to remain part of the EU either out of or part of the UK. The breaking of the union would then be inevitable.

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  5. As the article says, there’s been doubt by some whether the SNP were really committed, or were they just marking time, or even more interested in keeping their MP or MSP salaries, sod independence.

    Well, this continutity bill answers that, and it’s just about exactly on schedule.

    If there’s 4 weeks to challenge a passed bill before Royal Assent which would take it past the 22nd March for the Westminster EU Withdrawal Bill, then perhaps there could be a similar challenge to the Westminster one to delay it for Royal Assent? Or even delayed by the Privy Council?

    And then of course, there’s the Royal Assent itself. Fun times 🙂

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