The disrespect we must expect

We have to keep reminding ourselves that hard-line unionists in Scotland are not only content to bend over for this kind of contemptuous treatment from British politicians themselves, they also insist that the rest of us should be just as ready to be dealt with so disdainfully. Their acceptance of the superiority of the British state is so complete that there is no humiliation they will not perceive as no more than our due.

Most of us, I’m sure, strongly suspect that Chief Treasury Secretary Greg Hands is refusing to give our democratically elected representatives access to documents associated with negotiating the Fiscal Framework because this would expose the UK Government’s attempts to cheat Scotland of billions of pounds. There is always good reason for such suspicion. The British establishment is no friend to Scotland.

But, even if the withholding of these papers is explained by nothing more devious than the British state’s habitual obsession with secrecy, the casual disrespect shown to our parliament has to be deeply offensive.

Unless you are a British nationalist.

Because, as a British nationalist, you do not consider Scotland’s democratic institutions to be worthy of respect. At best, you consider them inferior and a presumptuous imposition upon the established order.

At worst, as a unionist ideologue, you consider Scotland’s parliament and government a menace to the very fabric of the British state. A threat to the structures of power, privilege and patronage which you hold to be almost divinely ordained.

We should not be under any illusions about the true nature of British nationalism. We should never suppose that those who subscribe to the ideology of British exceptionalism can ever have any genuine concern for – or even understanding of – the aspirations and priorities of the people of Scotland. Or, for that matter, any of the people of these islands. Their only allegiance is to the ruling elites of the British state. We should never doubt the viciousness with which the British establishment will defend that which it claims to own.

The disrespect shown to our politicians by Greg Hands may be the least of it.

4 thoughts on “The disrespect we must expect

  1. That penultimate sentence….Should be in 24pt Bold type.The SNP are now, pretty much, the ONLY party willing to stand in the way of this insideous politicide being perpetrated, both directly and indirectly, by the supposed \”mainstream\” parties in this country.Labours' single minded attempts to gain credibility from the overpowered financial institutions, who so dramatically and effectively crashed the economy, combined with their cosying up to their (so called) enemy during IndyRef, has left them, deservedly, out in the political cold here in Scotland.THIS makes the SNP an establishment target. Hope the party is up for it because there can be no expectation of support from \”Scottish\” Labour.


  2. What will be the trigger that will make the absolute majority of Scots rise and expunge the minority that's weighing our nation down?Where is the breaking point?When will this happen?These are the questions doing the rounds in my head.Because I don't see this not happening.I am under no doubts that Scotland will never achieve statehood through a democratic process, for there is no democracy in Britain.In a nation where the Civil Service sides uncritically with any UK Government of the day, where the rUK faces a mind boggling, annihilating financial meltdown from Scotland parting ways, where for every inch we move closer to stronger devolution the BritNat Establishment entrenches further in in their self-preservation war, where an unelected legislative chamber is stuffed full of cronies and lackeys, and where the weak minded brainwashed masses believe Britishness to be a value rather than an embarrassing synonym for all the ills and wounds the world suffered by its blood stained hands, we live in a dystopian oligarchy of sociopathic psychopaths, not a democracy.I have on many occasions said that demonising the opposition is extremely dangerous, but when it's obvious that you are not facing a different opinion but filthy, sickening and violent oppression it's time to raise our heads and take what's right.I'm not calling for riots in the streets, but a communal awakening of the consciousness that the only way to an Independent Scotland is to vote the only party that can deliver that aim, and from that same party to acknowledge that the only way to Independence is declaring it unilaterally.Because that's how the overwhelming majority of nations cut themselves free from British oppression. Not through a \”referendum\” that with the might of the Establishment, their servants and lackeys, and the little help of HM Secret Services, will never deliver a favourable result for Scotland.And if by hook and crook we make it happen, we'll see tanks in George Square as ordered by Churchill on 31 January 1919.Come on, no party in government in the recent history of this little island has ever been voted in to such majorities on a third term.When this happens, it's a clear signal, as bright as the sun, that we're only waiting for Nicola to summon the strength of millions of Scots and say \”It's time\”.


  3. I'm confident that the SNP can cope with the task facing the party. We have some very good people. Mistakes will be made. But people will put up with that so long as the direction of travel is right.


  4. I too often find myself wondering what it will take for people to realise just how bad the union is for Scotland. We must always bear in mind that not all No voters are British nationalists. Many are just decent people concerned about change. We have to overcome that inertia.


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