The madness of Jenny Hjul

A catalogue of distortion, lies, ill-informed comment and mindless hatred. Or. as it is otherwise known, an article by one of the more bitterly fanatical British nationalists, Jenny Hjul.

I read vile diatribes such as this and I am put in mind of the kind of demonising propaganda pumped out by the British state on the all too frequent occasions when it is seeking to justify some murderous overseas military adventure for the purposes of “regime change”.

In tone, if not in the precise detail of language, Hjul’s rant is barely distinguishable from the British establishment’s fulminations against Saddam Hussein, or Muammar Gaddafi, or Bashar al-Assad. Or, in an earlier era, Mohandas K Gandhi, or any of many others subsequently acknowledged by the world as honourable and brave leaders of the struggle against brutish imperialist domination and exploitation.

Some will dismiss the comparison. But, apart from the stylistic parallel between Hjul’s bilious bombast and state-sponsored hate-mongering, there are valid similarities in respect of the motivation for such intemperate vilification. In all cases, it is primarily about protecting the interests of the ruling elites of the British state. What the episodes of demonising propaganda have in common is that all are mounted against perceived threats to the structures of power, privilege and patronage which define the British state.

Jenny Hjul is clearly not clever enough to realise it, but the one thing that is clear from her rancid raving is that this is a political union which cannot possibly last. No union in which one of the parties is subject to this level of abuse can conceivably survive. It is not a matter of whether the union ends, but when.

And how. The SNP and the wider independence campaign have sought an orderly, amicable dissolution of the union in which those aspects which are commonly valued may be preserved, in some form and as far as possible. A break-up of the UK brought about by pedlars of hate such as Hjul is a very different matter. And a prospect relished only by those on the extreme lunatic fringe of British nationalism.

10 thoughts on “The madness of Jenny Hjul

  1. Is this chap Bell all there? I have come new to the writings of Jenny Hjul and have been impressed by the decency, balance and commonsense of her views. I have just read her humorous article on Hogmanay in the Sunday Times. A really good laugh, especially to nostalgic expats. Mr Bell needs help.


  2. I just have to share this comment. The sane people will be mightily amused by the wonderfully quaint notion of Jenny Hjul's \”decency, balance and commonsense\”. Best laugh of the year so far.


  3. I doubt it. There isn't enough vitriol for it to be the work of Poor Old Cockers. And there's no mention of either Alex Salmond or Cochrane's unintentionally hilarious book about Salmond's \”downfall\”. 😉


  4. Thank goodness for folk like Jenny Hjul. Her piece in the Herald today (now even the Glasgow Herald seems to have woken up to how bankrupt an independent Scotland would be) nails the Nats' nonsense. Peter Bell describes himself as a 'Thinker. Listener. Talker. Reader. Writer.' He's clearly not functioning at a high level in these areas and he'd obviously not a worker with any kind of financial or common sense. Let's hear more from Jenny.


  5. Exactly I enjoy Jenny's articles in the Courier each Wednesday. She doesn't shrink from bashing the SNP and their fantasy and romantic economics of nationalism. The case for Scottish independence could never be made on economic or constitutional grounds. For one thing Scotland would never be rich enough to afford what the UK can offer and the strength, standing security, and safety that the UK can offer is greater than any of its constituent parts could ever do on their own. So far as I am concerned all the SNP want to do or their main aim is to wreck the unity of the United Kingdom for their own narrow selfish political ends. The United Kingdom has provided Scotland with wealth prosperity and progress over more than 300 years. The wreckers of the SNP won't be around in 300 years let alone 100 years to see the wreckage of the folly they leave behind if Scotland ever separates from the United Kingdom


  6. \” For one thing Scotland would never be rich enough to afford what the UK can offer \”. Really? Why?


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