Labour’s mystery package

“UK Labour’s official policy is to maintain the continuous at sea deterrent albeit at the cheapest price; Scottish Labour’s policy is to scrap Trident. Jim Murphy, the party leader in Scotland and a former Shadow Defence Secretary, supports keeping Britain’s nuclear deterrent, stressing that he is a multilateralist.”

English: A portentiously positioned election s...This one paragraph nicely illustrates the muddled mess of incoherence and inconsistency that is British Labour in Scotland. It’s all in there. From the dishonest pretence that “Scottish Labour” is a real party with distinct policies, to the self serving vacuousness of Murphy’s multilateralism.
Many will be wondering when it became “Scottish Labour” policy to scrap Trident. It’s a certainty that Johann Lamont never enunciated such a policy. Her bosses in London prohibited her from speaking on the subject. (Which may actually have been a very sensible thing to do given the way she embarrassed herself and British Labour in Scotland every time she opened her mouth on any topic.) And this policy is clearly not espoused by Jim Murphy, the man who claims to be the ultimate arbiter of all “Scottish Labour” policy.
Others will wonder how “Scottish Labour ” policy can be distinct from UK Labour policy when they are one party, with the former being a mere “accounting unit” of the latter.
What we have here is one party pretending to be two parties with at least three different policies. And, as if that wasn’t enough of a guddle, it now seems that the vast majority of British Labour in Scotland candidates in the coming election agree with neither their masters in London nor their local office manager.
And what about those three different policies? Do they make any more sense than the tangled web just described?
UK Labour policy is that obscene weapons of mass destruction are a wizard wheeze so long as it can be done on the cheap.
The pretendy wee Scottish party’s pretendy wee policy, insofar as it can have a policy and that this can be ascertained, is to scrap Trident. But even if this really is the pretendy wee party’s pretendy wee policy, it is immediately overruled by the real British Labour Party.
Then there’s Mad Murphy’s “multilateralist” stance. This is no more than a cowardly, mealy-mouthed evasion which says that, if we can’t get rid of all nuclear weapons everywhere, then we shouldn’t even try to get rid of any nuclear weapons anywhere.
Vote Labour get vacuousness wrapped in confusion wrapped in misrepresentation – all bound up in a union flag.

2 thoughts on “Labour’s mystery package

  1. According to Munguin's Republic tonight,Murphy claiming on Twitter that the German army would not have bombed Pearl Harbour during WW2 if the Americans had had Trident!What can you say.


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