Oil crisis: SNP under fire over forecasts refusal


THE SCOTTISH Government has come under fire after appearing to rule out the publication of any fresh oil forecasts in the near future as the crisis continues to engulf the industry.

Peter A Bell‘s insight:

This is infantile stuff from the British parties. Forecasting oil prices and revenues is fraught with problems at the best of times. In the present situation it is pretty much the definition of a futile exercise. Especially as we are still waiting to find out what the UK Government is going to do – if anything.

But, of course, Gavin Brown knows this perfectly well. The demand for pointless projections is no more than a device to give the unionist media an excuse to repeat yet again the propaganda line that it was the SNP alone which failed to foresee the price of oil falling off a cliff. You would never know it from reading The Scotsman, or any of the rest of the British media, but NOBODY foresaw this massive drop in oil prices.

And what happens in three months, or six months, or nine months when the price of oil normalises at around $110? Will the British parties and their friends in the media allow that the SNP was actually right? Or will they, as usual, expect us to helpfully forget articles such as this and the petty, opportunistic point-scoring of the likes of Gavin Brown?

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