Salmond as Deputy PM? That scares the bejesus out of me, says Ruth Davidson

RUTH Davidson has said the idea that Alex Salmond might be the UK’s next deputy prime minister “scares the bejesus out of me”.

Peter A Bell‘s insight:

The British parties in Scotland really are a disaster zone. Why is Ruth Davidson talking about British Labour forming the next UK Government, with or without SNP support? Why is she not talking up her own party’s chances of victory? Her minders must be in despair every time she opens her mouth.

As for the idea of Alex Salmond as Deputy PM, she really would have been better shutting up about that as well. Quite apart from the sheer improbability of Salmond being offered and accepting the job, not everybody is going to find the prospect quite as terrifying as Davidson does.

Davidson makes a mistake that is all to common among British nationalists. When she refers to Alex Salmond she is not talking about widely respected politician that most of us see. She is talking about the laughable caricature of Salmond as an evil mastermind concocted by the British nationalist propaganda machine. The reality is that a great many people across the UK would, at the very least, be able to contemplate Salmond as DPM without soiling their undergarments.

But it is a massively unlikely scenario. It is much more likely that the two main British parties would come to some arrangement between them so as to thwart the very electoral process that they lately demanded we content ourselves with.

But if Ruth Davidson is just silly, British Labour in Scotland are quite insane. That they should still be peddling Murphy’s incoherent “x + 1000 nurses” undertaking after the pounding this idiocy has taken from all sides simply shows how unaware the pretendy wee “Scottish Labour Party” is of what is happening outside its own little bubble. And how tragically impoverished their thinking is.

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