The ultimate Santa

Like most people, I suspect, I saw this latest piece of campaign material from British Labour in Scotland and immediately dismissed it as a spoof. A rather clever spoof, admittedly, but a spoof nonetheless. Imagine my slack-jawed wonder when I discovered that it was genuine. They really did say that!

If there is one form of campaigning that gets people’s hackles up it’s the “Christmas List” of promised goodies. Nobody believes any of it. And they resent being taken for the kind of fools who would succumb to such vacuous blandishments. So what does Murphy’s Mob do? They come up with the most grindingly, toe-curlingly awful manifestation of the political promise ever seen. Surely a candidate for one of those TV “list” shows – “The 100 Worst Ever Campaign Promises!”.

In the puerile game of manifesto trumps that is politics as the British parties understand it, British Labour in Scotland have sought to contrive the ultimate trump card. Just take whatever our opponents are offering, they say, and add a big number. That’s it! That’s their idiot’s offer to the people of Scotland.

As political cmpaiging goes, it is profoundly embarrassing and an insult to the people of Scotland.

As the ultimate Santa, Jim Murphy simply doesn’t cut it.

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One thought on “The ultimate Santa

  1. I know a lot of NHS workers in my area voted Yes and joined SNP, so isn't this part of the plan to get back the 190,000 yes voters into the Labour fold?


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