Red flag or white? Murphy’s latest pledge hurts Labour and the Union | Conservative Home

In bleeding England to fuel traditional spending giveaways, has the Scottish Labour leader signalled his surrender to Scotland’s unsustainable status quo?

Peter A Bell‘s insight:

Health is devolved. While Henry Hill touches on the fact that MSPs at Holyrood cannot possibly ring-fence any part of the so-called Mansion Tax for spending in Scotland, he fails to acknowledge that a British Labour government would also have no power to dictate health spending in Scotland – other than indirectly through Westminster’s stranglehold on Scotland’s budget.

I do not chastise Mr Hill for this omission. Murphy’s “pledge” is moronic on so many levels and in so many ways that it is well nigh impossible to keep track of every individual gobbet of idiocy.

But Mr Hill misses another point, and is certainly culpable in this instance. Murphy may have reduced the banal game of election promise trumps to a new level of inanity. But it is still the game which characterises all of British politics. British Labour’s Tory allies have no right to be smug.

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