Johnson: Labour’s vindictive plan to pay for nurses with mansion tax funds will set one part of UK against another


Labour’s “vindictive” plan to tax London millionaires to pay for nurses in Scotland will set one part of the country against another and create resentment, Boris Johnson has claimed.

Peter A Bell‘s insight:

It is difficult to tell who are the biggest idiots here. British Labour in Scotland for coming up with such a totally incoherent “policy”. Or rabid British nationalists whose eagerness to vent their excess of righteous indignation precludes rational thought to the extent that they utterly fail to realise just how incoherent Jim Murphy’s “Big Idea” actually is.

Listen up, Boris and assorted Little Englander dullards! This is a UK election. Health is fully devolved. Stop those knees jerking long enough to consider the implications. There is no way that British Labour MPs could implement their “plan” to spend Mansion Tax revenues on hiring an unlimited number of nurses.

And, of course, that is what they have committed to. In an act of quite staggering political stupidity, they have handed their political opponents the power to decide the crucial element of this “policy”. This in addition to the arguably greater stupidity of undertaking to hire nurses regardless of whether they are needed or not.

The question we must ask is whether Jim Murphy’s idiocy is matched by those who have been so witless as to imagine that this was a serious policy announcement and not a moment of comically panicked bluster in the face of pending electoral humiliation.

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