Prison meals cost more than Scottish NHS patients’


NEW Year’s Day meals served in some Scottish hospitals cost less than half those dished up to prisoners in the nation’s jails, it has been revealed.

Peter A Bell‘s insight:

Is Murdo Fraser really such a buffoon as to suppose that the cost of providing a meal reflects only the quality of the food? Is he really so stupid as to fail to realise that many other factors may be involved?

Let’s take the most obvious difference between a prison and hospital – security. The cost of trained staff to supervise the preparation and distribution of meals must inevitably add considerably to the cost of meals in prison.

Any thinking person could come up with several more reasons why prison meals might be more expensive than hospital meals. None of them having anything to do with the quality of the food. Murdo Fraser seems to want us to believe that he is too dumb to even think of one such reason.

But is he really as stupid as he tries to appear? Probably not. Yet again we note the willingness of British politicians to make utter fools of themselves in the name of some petty, pointless attack on the Scottish Government and/or any part of the infrastructure for which they are responsible.

Fraser’s little rant has nothing whatever to do with caring for patients. It is entirely about lashing out at the SNP. And, of course, undermining public confidence in NHS Scotland to prepare the way for privatisation.

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