Catherine MacLeod: SNP are not a progressive party

The 2015 General Election campaign is about to begin in earnest.

The result is difficult to predict but in the closing days of 2014 Ladbrokes offered 7/4 on Labour winning the most votes. The Tories were on 1/2.

Peter A Bell‘s insight:

If wishful thinking, self-deception and vacuous sloganeering could be weaponised then British Labour in Scotland would have in Catherine MacLeod a device to rival the obscene Trident system to which they are so devoted; or the WMD that they lied about in order to engineering their murderous imperialist assault on the sovereign nation and people of Iraq. It would take all day to catalogue the lies and fallacies in this diatribe fuelled by mindless hatred of the SNP. I’ll content myself with a couple of points.

MacLeod asserts that the “SNP are desperate to capture the Labour vote in Scotland”, evidently oblivious to the fact that this has already happened. The evidence to which her prejudices blind her include the 2011 election result and all current polling as well as the fact that, in September’s referendum, large swathes of British Labour’s core support rejected their British nationalist dogma and voted to break the system to which British Labour is wedded.

Most comical, however, is McLeod’s drivel about the SNP’s sole priority being “a border between Scotland and England”. Wakey! Wakey! That border already exists. It is one of the oldest national borders in the world. Scotland is a totally separate jurisdiction. We even have our own parliament and democratically elected government. The only problem is that British Labour never intended that this government should actually be effective in representing the needs and priorities of the people of Scotland. And they conspire with their Tory allies to ensure that powers are withheld that rightfully belong to the Scottish Parliament.

But we should be grateful to Catherine MacLeod for one thing, She nicely encapsulates all the hateful attitudes and erroneous thinking which will contribute to Murphy’s mob suffering a sound thrashing at the hands of the electorate in the UK elections. As she says in a telling echo of Wendy Alexander (politically deceased), roll on May 7.

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