Voters ‘want Labour to shift to the left’

VOTERS in Scotland would be more likely to back Labour if the party committed to a left-wing agenda of bringing the railways and utility firms back into public ownership, a survey has found.

Peter A Bell‘s insight:

Murph The Mendacious versus Santa

British Labour in Scotland has a problem. Even if there were any real impetus to move to the left, there is no way that the North British branch would be permitted to do so. It would be like Starbucks allowing their shops in Scotland to sell Costa coffee. It’s just not going to happen.

The best the new branch office manager can hope to do is use some marketing trickery to convince people that there is such a thing as a “Scottish Labour Party” and that this entirely imaginary political party can have have a policy agenda which is quite distinct from, and even at odds with, the policy agenda of British Labour.

The man chosen to perpetrate this attempt at mass deception, Jim Murphy, will have every advantage the British establishment can offer. The media will be awash with puff-pieces raising his personal profile. Every cunningly crafted deceit concocted by his little army of spin-quacks will be faithfully reported and absolutely never challenged in any way. The words “Scottish Labour Party” will be repeated ad nauseam in the hope that mere repetition might lend some tenuous concreteness to the fantasy.

The entire propaganda machinery of the British state will be at the disposal of Murph The Mendacious in an effort to give specious credibility to his claims of autonomy, and spurious substance to his policy programme.

The reality, of course, is that Santa Claus is more real than the “Scottish Labour Party”. And looking to Jim Murphy to deliver social and economic justice for the people of Scotland is a lot less likely to be effective than writing a note to Santa.

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