Support for the SNP surges to record high

A record 48 per cent of Scottish voters are now planning to back the SNP in May – with Labour trailing on just 24 per cent. The result would leave Labour with just four MPs.

Peter A Bell‘s insight:

“The SNP could end up in a position of power over the entire UK – an unthinkable outcome months after its referendum defeat.”

Let’s reflect on this comment for a moment. For almost three years, the British parties and their collaborators in the British media have been telling the people of Scotland that the union offers “the best of both worlds”. They have sought desperately to persuade us that the British state is the epitome of democracy and that no nation could possibly aspire to better than being part of the UK.

Now we are being told that the fundamental democratic processes within the British state are flawed to the extent that the normal functioning of those processes is likely to produce an electoral outcome which is “unthinkable”.

Assuming the SNP do indeed hold the balance of power after the 2015 election they will do so because they have won that right under the rules of the British electoral system. Suck it up, Britnats.

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