Oil slump ‘would have ruined revenues’ post-Yes

SCOTLAND’S North Sea revenues would have fallen to one fifth of the SNP’s predictions in the first 12 months following a Yes vote, a budget watchdog report based on current oil prices has found.

Peter A Bell‘s insight:

Tom Greatrex and his fellow British nationalist fanatics might not be so gleefully smug about the oil-price slump is they but had the wits to realise that this has happened despite the people of Scotland voting No in the independence referendum.

It would be too much to hope that British politicians such as Greatrex might have the self-awareness and humility to recognise that this downturn in the price of oil is only as serious as it is because of their criminal failure to establish an oil fund.

If Tom Greatrex was even a wee bit clever, he’d keep his mouth shut and hope to avoid embarrassing himself, British Labour and their Tory allies.

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