A No to Nationalism

As part of our #noway series by No voters, John Patrick Harvey on the tribal turn-off of nationalism.

Peter A Bell‘s insight:

What is the point of this whole #noway exercise? It’s not as if British nationalists lack opportunities to air their ill-informed opinions and bigoted attitudes. They have almost the entirety of the British media at their disposal. If the hope was that some of these British nationalists might have something new or interesting to say then that hope was clearly forlorn. There are no fresh insights here. No clarification of why these people insist that Scotland must be less than other nations – and less than it might be. This whole series has been nothing more than a tedious rehashing of all the fallacies, distortions and lies that we heard from the anti-independence mob throughout the referendum campaign.

See on bellacaledonia.org.uk

via Tumblr http://ift.tt/1sJcoRa

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