If Labour loses Scotland, the Union will be done for – Telegraph

Jim Murphy, Labour’s new leader in Scotland, must turn the tide against the SNP, says Iain Martin.

Peter A Bell‘s insight:

As anybody more in touch with Scottish politics than Iain Martin – and that’s a big club – will be aware, Alex Salmond was never the “leader of the Yes campaign”. When somebody is so embarrassingly wrong on a matter of such obvious fact then it is to be expected that they will be wrong in numerous other ways as well. Especially if what they are offering is a catalogue of their own mindless prejudice rather than any attempt at rational analysis.

Martin proves the point with his reference to the “wild overconfidence of the SNP”. As clear a case of a clumsy propagandist believing his own distortions as ever you will see. The reality is that everybody in the SNP is being extremely cautious about the party’s prospect in the 2015 UK general election while it is the pollsters and pundits who are hyping up the possibility of massive gains from British Labour in Scotland. Listen in on any conversation among SNP activists and you will hear a mighty scoffing at predictions of the SNP winning 40 or even 50 seats.

But Iain Martin would have no interest in conveying this truth even if he was astute enough to be aware of it. What does the truth matter when your sole concern is to defend the old order and the old ways against the threat of progressive reform?

Which brings us to another interesting point. One which highlights the hypocrisy of British nationalist fanatics such as Iain Martin. While they bleat tediously about the Scottish people’s refusal to meekly get back in their box following the unfortunate outcome of September’s referendum, it is these fundamentalist devotees of the divinely ordained British state who are still fighting the last referendum campaign. And doing so just as dishonestly as ever.

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